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    Hello all,

    I would like some help modifying my Zotac Pico BIOS. I have read (and re-read) JRandomHacker's tutorial on AMI Aptio UEFI Menu Unlock. I have made some headway following the information he presented.

    Using UEFITool, Universal IFR Extractor, and a hex editor I was able to enable an option that was previously greyed out.

    I tried using AMIBCP. It shows me the menu and I change the Access/Use to USER for each entry that does not show. When I try to save the modified file, AMIBCP gives me an error: Error occurred in BIOS rebuild (#80000015). I also get this error if I try save an unodified BIOS to a new filename.

    The newest version of AMIBCP I can find is version 4.55, and it gives the error when trying to save the modified BIOS.

    Back to the IFR. I have tried several other modifications, but have not yet managed to enable any additonal menus.

    I am not able to post links yet, but the bios can be found on zotac.com. Click on Support->Download, then search for PI320-W2.

    The specific menu I am trying to enable is "Security Configuration" Of course, if I manage to enable it I will try to enable all the hidden menus.

    Is there a newer version of AMIBCP than the 4.55 I am using?

    One oddity with AMIBCP is the menus that are available in setup do not show their name in AMIBCP. See attached image. Any of the main menu sections with a name on the left side are not visible in the BIOS setup.
    AMIBCP Showing Menu Structure.png

    Any guidance on how to enable the other menus is greatly appreciated.

    This is the IFR section I changed to enable the greyed out option:
    0xE68F             Variable 0x218 equals 0x0 {12 06 18 02 00 00}0xE695             Grayout If: {19 82}
    0xE697                 Variable 0x218 equals 0x1 {12 06 18 02 01 00}
    The last line became:
    0xE697                 Variable 0x218 equals 0x0 {12 06 18 02 00 00}
    Pretty simple change but it does make the option active now in the BIOS.

    Thank you,