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    1St. I would like to thank Start Is Back for sponsoring 10 licenses (Personal) of Start Is Back to our awesome members here at MDL.

    What is Start Is Back?





    Get the Original Start Button on Windows 8

    With Microsoft pulling out the classic desktop Start button and replacing it with the modern Start Screen in Windows 8, third-party developers took it upon themselves to offer users the decades-old feature.
    StartIsBack is another solution to getting the desktop in Windows 8 to have the same functionality as before. But the developer of this program took the project a bit further and made its launch button mimic the original to the letter.

    According to the developer, this is possible because Microsoft did not remove all the Start menu code in Windows 8, which gave the developer of StartIsBack the chance to bring it back to light and thus have a button highly unlikely to raise compatibility issues, even in the case of new updates for the operating system.

    The benefits of the application do not come free as in the case of most other solutions, though, and a $3/2.3 EUR fee is required to remove the 30-day trial limitation. This is cheaper than Stardock’s Start8, the license is available for two computers and it is valid for all future versions of the application.

    You can also use the application free of charge, after the trial runs out, but with some limitations, such as a blank Start Menu and every boot reminds that the evaluation period has ended.

    After installation the app prompts a brief tutorial dialog that teaches the basics, such as bringing up the Start menu, switching to the modern Start Screen or accessing the program’s configuration panel.

    Since it uses the same code that powered the launcher in Windows 7, StartIsBack offers the same experience, from the way it looks to functionality. Unlike in the case of many other alternatives, the side menu is transparent and every new program added to the system is highlighted in the menu.

    More can be read here

    Start menu is back!

    The missing Windows 8 start menu is back. Get the most useful and authentic start menu for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

    [​IMG] Genuine start menu

    Your faithful desktop friend which helps you:
    • Launch programs you use frequently
    • Open documents you're working on
    • Find stuff you're looking for
    • Go to system places in one click
    • Easily shut down your system
    • Feel at home with Windows 8
    StartIsBack fully integrates with Windows 8 and provides original Windows 7 start menu experience, enhanced with many new features as well. Supports all Windows languages!

    Get StartIsBack Buy it now


    Choose your Windows version

    Windows 8 StartIsBack 2.1.2
    Windows 8.1 StartIsBack+ 1.7
    Download program for Windows version you're using now.
    Hint: if your Windows comes with Start button, it's Windows 8.1

    StartIsBack+ for Windows 8.1 version history
    • Version +1.7 22 November 2014
    • Compatibility with Stardock WindowBlinds
    • Experimental compatibility with Windows 10 Technical Preview
    • Fixed problems with KB3000850 update installed
    • Fixed minor issues

    • Version +1.6.2 15 May 2014
    • Fixed: incorrect start menu position on some multi-mon configurations
    • Fixed: problems to install on Windows 2012 R2 Terminal Server

    • Version +1.6.1 20 April 2014
    • Advanced startup shutdown option: hold shift when invoking shutdown options
    • Fixed: top edge could be wrongly enabled on desktop

    • Version +1.5.2 10 January 2014
    • Flyout menus use menu font, start menu selection and look better with high DPI
    • Updated translations

    • Version +1.5.1 25 December 2013
    • Start Menu is responsive at all times regardless of Windows disk icon cache
    • Bottom-left screen edge changed:
    • * It's possible again to use both new start button and bottom-left hot corner when taskbar is on bottom (non-default start button orb has to be used)
    • * On secondary monitors, turn on 'enable all screen edges on secondary monitors' and turn off 'open start menu on active monitor' to use original start button only
    • Fixed: UAC dialog may be invisible with specific UAC settings
    • Fixed: Start button may be absent with specific RDP / monitor login

    • Version +1.0.5 8 November 2013
    • Default start button selection covers whole taskbar edge
    • StartIsBack DLLs are now digitally signed too
    • Fixed: running search items with parameters didn't work
    • Fixed: minor issues with right-button-drag on start menu items
    • Fixed: userpic could display wrong on domain-joined machines

    • Version +1.0.4 31 October 2013
    • Flat selection is used for flyout menus with flat styles
    • Search shortcut is not shown in All Programs menu
    • Better Modern UI icons in high contrast white mode
    • Tap & hold-ing shut down button on touch screen shuts down without 'slide to shutdown'
    • Trial & updates are also checked when you unlock your session
    • StartIsBackCfg and StartScreen commands can be executed from Run dialog
    • Start button and user picture are rejuvenated when video driver crashes (CloverTrail)
    • Fixed: can't remove pinned shortcuts of deleted games
    • Fixed: programs can't be dragged into start menu from XP styled All programs
    • Fixed: start button did not close start menu on touchscreen

    • Version +1.0.3 26 October 2013
    • Fixed: return to last used environment didn't work properly in some configurations
    • Fixed: start menu issues with NVIDIA surround
    • Fixed: high contrast theme became transparent
    • Fixed: wallpaper on start screen could be shifted

    • Version +1.0.2 21 October 2013
    • Updated and new translations
    • 'Resize to fit taskbar' when adding orb is off by default
    • Fixed: PuTTY jumplist issue
    • Fixed: uninstall folder security bug
    • Fixed: Start screen screenshot could be offset
    • Fixed: Start screen animation did not play first time

    • Version +1.0.1 16 October 2013
    • Support for Win7 userpic animation tweaking
    • Fixed configurator error on some rare PCs species

    • Version +1.0 10 October 2013
    • First public StartIsBack for Windows 8.1 version. Read what it brings.

    StartIsBack for Windows 8 version history
    • Version 2.1.2 30 August 2013
    • New: Latvian, Bulgarian translation
    • Fixed: minor configuration program issues
    • Updated group policy file

    • Version 2.1.1 26 June 2013
    • New: Lithuanian translation
    • Fixed: installer could fail to replace files
    • Fixed: new version notification could be erroneously displayed
    • Restricted installer to not install on Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview versions

    • Version 2.1 15 May 2013
    • Hot: Advanced option - Show taskbar on Start screen. Very useful on tablets!
    • Configurator fully supports high-DPI screens and RTL languages
    • Desktop toast notification is shown when new StartIsBack version is available
    • "Pin to Start menu" is available in all programs context menus, not just in File Explorer
    • Excluded shortcuts for system shortcuts available in right pane from MFU
    • Multiple license activations are possible on the same Windows installation, same license key, but different hardware
    • Fix: 'Start is apps' feature breaking toast notifications
    • Fix: closing desktop returns to desktop
    • New translations
    • NOTE: due to Microsoft request, all start button images containing Windows logo were removed. You can download them separately

    • Version 2.0.2 12 Mar 2013
    • Improved compatibility with non-fullscreen modern apps
    • Shortcuts for games are no longer created in Games start menu subfolder. Games can be searched from Start menu search
    • Fix: Start Screen shortcut was removed by some cleaners

    • Version 2.0.1 5 Mar 2013
    • Fix: crash in Windows XP style All Programs list
    • Updated translations

    • Version 2.0 3 Mar 2013
      What's new in this major release:
    • New skin and orb image
    • Greatly improved Appearance UI
    • Modern Apps (Start Apps) are included into MFU and all programs list (optional)
    • Shortcut to Start Screen in Start Menu
    • Option to display all programs as multi-column flyout menu (Windows XP style)
    • Option to enable Start Screen hot corner on desktop
    • Bottom-left hot corner configuration
    • Option to configure what happens when Modern app closes
    • Advanced Win hotkeys configuration options
    • Option to hide Start button
    • Option to disable StartIsBack
    • Some useful Windows settings at hand
    • Group Policy support
    • Programs removed from MFU program list could return there
    • Secondary tiles for modern apps are excluded from MFU and new program highlighting
    • Search no longer finds faux shortcuts (Desktop, PC settings, Windows Store)
    • Pinned items are automatically renamed if renamed from shortcut properties
    • Shortcuts for games with dot in name could be created incorrectly
    • Uninstall could fail to remove installation directory
    • Windows key could fail to show start menu on some systems
    • Search could be slow to update search results and icons
    • Switching users could squish start menu
    • Incorrect blending in start button hover animation

    • Version 1.3.3 18 Jan 2013
    • Fix: StartIsBack could fail to work on some systems with DEP enabled

    • Version 1.3.2 12 Jan 2013
    • Fix: new program highlighting errorneusly fired for new users and roaming profiles
    • Fix: orb unhides when hidden taskbar is shown (IrfanView)
    • Fix: icons could fail to show in program list

    • Version 1.3.1 5 Jan 2013
    • Fix: program highlighting could work incorrectly
    • Fix: moving metro apps between monitors didn't update hot corners
    • Windows 7 start menu pinned items are migrated on first install
    • Startup programs are launched without 10 second delay
    • Shortcuts for newly installed games are created in Games start menu subfolder
    • New translations

    • Version 1.3 26 Dec 2012
    • Fix: MFU app list could contain duplicate item
    • Fix: Start orb could be moved by rogue programs
    • Fix: license activation for all users could fail on some systems
    • Fix: shortcuts created by Windows Installer didn't show 'Pin to Start Menu'
    • Hot corners are enabled for Modern apps only for monitor where they're open on
    • Newly installed programs are properly highlighted
    • Right-to-left Windows languages are now supported
    • License key is no longer stored as a plain text
    • Improved start menu performance
    • AeroByDesign skin updated
    • New translations

    • Version 1.2.1 7 Dec 2012
    • Fix: user frame could be incorrectly placed for bottom taskbar
      • Version 1.2 6 Dec 2012
      • New: skins! StartIsBack now supports start menu skins without third-party tools; two beautiful ones included
      • New: option to combine start button menu with Win+X menu
      • New: option to hide user account picture
      • New: shortcut for configuring Start menu in Control Panel
      • Fix: hibernate shutdown option could fail to show in configurator
      • Fix: high contast themes start menu issues
      • Installing for all users no longer requires log off
      • New translations
      • StartIsBack is now digitally signed
        • Version 1.1 20 Nov 2012
        • Fix: opening start button context menu did not prevent autohide
        • Fix: uninstall could fail to remove settings / license
        • Fix: taskbar unhide didn't work in start button area
        • New: silent install (/silent for user install; /elevated /silent for machine install; if machine must be run with admin rights; does not start explorer back)
        • New: option to start with start screen
        • New: option to call start screen with Win key
        • New alternate orb (by PainteR)
        • New translations
        • Less restrictions (same as in Windows 7) on items which can be pinned to start menu
        • Start button context menu shows same items as in Windows 7
          • Version 1.0 9 Nov 2012
          • First official version

    Additional downloads

    StartIsBack / StartIsBack+ Deployment guide and group policy template

    Details .

    To participate in this contest for-
    Start Is Back Personal:

    1. You have to be a registered member on our forum.

    • You must use your real IP address to enter the giveaway.
    • If you enter the giveaway using a proxy or VPN,You Will Be Disqualified.

    2. This contest start from 18th. Feb. and will end on 28th. Feb.2015

    • One post per one user is allowed.
    • Please avoid posting here if you don't need it.
    • The contestant/s are requested to note down the start and end date of this contest to avoid future inconvenience.
    • Read the original post thoroughly as it contains all the information necessary to post a valid entry.
    • Those entries not meeting the giveaway requirements will not be considered valid and will be omitted.
    • It is not my responsibility to contact that member and tell him/her you need to delete your entry & make a re-entry, as it doesn't meet the requirements.
    • Winners will be randomly selected using RANDOM.ORG on 1st. March 2015.

    • The winner/s will respond to the winning PM within 4 days (96 hours) or the win will be void.

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  2. sid_16

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    The contest is live.
    Good Luck!
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    I hope to win this ! :p
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    Count me in!

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    count me in too :biggrin:
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    Nice offer! Thanks!
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    count me in sid, thanks!
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    Thanx Tihiy & Sid
    and i m definitely in, lol.
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    Thanx Tihiy & Sid
    Count me in!
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    Count me in, sid.
    Best regards!
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    definitedly a must have. count me in.
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    Let's see.Count me in too :hug2:
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    I am using windows 8.1 Pro and I want to see the start menu on my computer again.
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    count me in .... please :)
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    You never win if you're not in. :D:D
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    Thanks for the contest, Sid. Count me in, please. :)
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    thanks for the chance Sid this is the best start menu program out today :biggrin:
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