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Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by compaqnx, Jun 2, 2020.

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    A few weeks ago I bought an HP Pavilion All-in-One PC for my GF. It came with original Windows 10 Home (version 1903) and Microsoft Office 365 (apparently, 1903 version, build 11425.20202 Click-to-Run) pre-installed.

    When she opened Microsoft Word, a window appeared indicating that she had only a few days left to use the product and that, after that, many functions would be deactivated.

    I was browsing the forum and read many options to activate Microsoft Office (like Office Tool Plus, Microsoft Tool Kit, a lot of KMS programs and so...) and I precisely couldn't decide which one might work for my specific case.
    I'm not very skilled with activators; in fact, for some reason, I am always afraid that they might delete some original Windows key or something.

    Can you give me a hand and guide me on how to activate my version of the program or which activator should I use? :(

    Sorry if this the wrong forum to post this thread; you can delete if I'm broking any rule. ;)
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    Microsoft Office 365 can not be activated with KMS or any other free method. To be able to activate it needs to be converted to office Mondo version which is closest to O365 version.

    KMS_VL_ALL can activate and automate this process very nicely.

    If the preinstalled office version is the UWP app version then it's better to uninstall it and install the office with the proper ISO image files. You can also YAOCTRI to custom install office from those office image files.
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    If you have a new computer, the first advice is - not to use any household chemicals there until the warranty period has expired.
    Second, think about whether you still need this Office 365, and if you really need it, buy that license.
    But if you don't need it, just let it be there or remove it completely from your computer.
    I honestly admit - I personally don't know any reason why anyone should need such nonsense today.
    But this is my opinion, Your opinion may be different. The different God is not forbidden to anyone.
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    Hi WA, question please.

    If I install O365 and convert it using KMS_VL_ALL will it remain activated after updates?? Thx!
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