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    They still use Epiphany as their default browser ? Enjoy ads lol.
    Never liked this distro because they are just copying Apple and I don't really think they bring anything besides "yet another distro" based on Ubuntu.
    Better use the latter but that's my opinion.
  1. free1975yuly

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    Aug 24, 2011
    This O.S won't install on my modern laptop, in UEFI mode or legacy! Always buggs into the installer or OS itself!
  2. stayboogy

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    May 1, 2011
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    Dec 15, 2010
    If we use OS just for communication, browsing and movie watching, we can install any OS of our choice. But many of wind0wz users are used with it in terms of games playing, software development and for easeness of use. For such users it is hard to shift OS. They feel like they are jailed with Linux. :p Because what they do in wind0wz, cannot do in Linux. And also when comes to driver and games support, wind0wz is far better than Linux.
  4. gorski

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    Oct 21, 2009
    OK, so a friend of mine found a dead, abandoned MacBookAir in a house he was dealing with, as a property agent... He gave it to me, asking if I could repair it...

    So, I tried, I read a lot, watched YT videos by serious repair guys, tried everything I could - but no go... Too much HW damage, sadly... He told me to bin it but I had my reservations... and a bit of money for a good cause!!!

    Off I went to a London based repair guy. who managed to get it to boot. Motherboard had to have parts changed, a new keyboard, webcam was dead, some water damage to the screen but usable...

    Once resurrected from the dead, here is what I did, to make it fully working - just not with MacOS, of course.... :D :p :D

    I used a Linux distro called Elementary OS (looks like MacOS). One burns it onto the USB stick using either Balena Etcher or Rufus apps. Lots of "howtos" about - and then one boots one's Mac from it... How?

    When you turn on the MacBookAir you will hear a chime > press and hold "alt/options" key until you see EFI to boot from. Go all the way to the right, if you have more than one and press ENTER.

    When you see "Try or Install Elementary OS" press ENTER.

    Now, one should:

    A) erase all the partitions, using a built-in Elementary OS app (GParted?);

    B) create 3 partitions:
    1) EFI in FAT32 formatting, around 500MB (beginning of SSD)
    2) EXT4 for Elementary OS (next to it but don't use all of SSD)
    3) SWAP at the end (in step 2 I left 8000 MB for it).

    For the installation of Elementary OS in step 2 one should also choose the "/" as root, i.e. the beginning of the SSD will be where GRUB goes.

    How exactly? Again, plenty of "howtos" about...

    The good things aplenty: unlike Windows10 (I tried that, too) Linux has drivers for the backlit keyboard @zeshan, the repair guy, kindly installed and kernel module/driver for the built-in WiFi HW etc.

    But it also immediately recognised my USB to LAN adapter (I had a spare one to circumvent no WiFi driver = no internet during the installation), so I was online during the installation of Linux, as soon as the partitioning was over...

    Note: @zeshan, the repair guy, warned me not to connect to the internet until I erase the SSD! And of course, he is right, so one should follow this logic carefully!

    Whoever gets this decent Intel based MacBookAir laptop from me (quad thread processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Intel built-in graphics etc.) will also get some extras:
    -USB2LAN adaptor for cabled internet access
    -a cheap (but good) USB webcam
    -USB v. 2.0 hub with 4 USB ports
    -WiFi/BT mouse
    -a new battery (old one was broken and useless).

    I didn't go for very "trendy" and that means expensive extra bits and pieces, plus some I already had - but I assure you it all works now! Everything I tried.

    These days Linux has aplenty of SW which does not lag behind Winblows/MacOS functionality, be that Firefox, Tor browser (installation is a bit convoluted, sadly) or Opera, Skype, Signal, Viber or Zoom, Kodi or VLC, Rokkr or Stremio and onwards... In fact, some of these work better under Linux!!! I mean, they just burst out and no glitches are to be seen!

    One can install them jolly apps in various formats either via:
    -a rather limited Elementary OS bult-in AppStore (what the fook is that all about?!?) or
    -Telnet (find commands online easily) or
    -download them as AppImage (right click > Properties > make them executable > make Desktop shortcut, see online instructions for that) or
    -install Snap Store or
    -flat pack style or
    -old style Synaptic Package Manager etc. etc.

    Now, I need to turn my attention to finding a suitable family, to make their day, with all the other stuff my family has ready to give away as well... (Or at least we shall attempt to make them a wee bit less miserable, shall we say...)

    P.S. Long may @zeshan live, since he only charged me for the parts, not for the labour, given I shall give this baby away to a refugee family, ASAIC! :)
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