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    As far as I remember, someone advised before installing in the registry to first set the path on another drive, and then perform the installation.
    I did not check this option and did not see this method being discussed.
    It is also worth considering that there are other notation for the paths and without changing some of the files can be installed on the system disk. In theory, transfer to another disk should be done through editing the values, but in practice, the registry has a lot of data, like office files, so success is not guaranteed.
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    How does OfficeRTool work? Do you point it to an Office ISO for it to extract individual programs? I have ProPlus installed. Does ORT install VISIO, Project and anything else? Does it use an Office ISO to install those aps or another ISO? Thank you.
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    You can download latest build within OfficeRTool. You can then choose which office version to install (2016, 2019, 365) and which office products to install (or exclude). Select ODT Setup to install individual products as "click to run" installs every office suite product. Yes, you can install VISIO and project too.
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    I know this thread is for Office 19 but I wanted to download Official Office 13 image file. So I saw heidoc which has direct download links also I saw Office 19 Links which are same as here(on this thread) and after some research I confirmed that the URL starting from officecdn.microsoft.com is the official Microsoft URL... So in the same way while downloading Office 13 from there the direct link was starting from officecdn.microsoft.com.edgesuite.net so the starting part is same as the Office 19 Link only .edgesuite.net is added to the end... I just wanted to confirm if this is also MSs official server URL... Also if anyone has the checksums for Office 13 Pro Plus Official please post...
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    http officecdn.microsoft.com redirects to officecdn.microsoft.com.edgesuite.net
    https officecdn.microsoft.com still officecdn.microsoft.com

    all are official MS servers
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    Ok Thanks @abbodi1406 :good3:
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    I am not sure if this the correct thread to ask, but what is the latest version of office that does not require activation and accepts a product key?