[Giveaway/Contest] 2 x Jaksta Deluxe Bundle for Windows Lifetime Licenses.

Discussion in 'Giveaways and Contests' started by whizkidraj, Jan 5, 2018.

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  1. whizkidraj

    whizkidraj MDL Giveaway Organiser

    Apr 6, 2012
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    Jaksta: Video, Music and Radio Downloaders and Recorders:- https://www.jaksta.com


    Jaksta Deluxe for Windows combines all the fine products offered by Jaksta, for Windows, in a single bundle, and at a reasonable price.

    ● Jaksta Media Recorder
    ● Jaksta Music Recorder
    ● Jaksta Radio Recorder
    ● Jaksta Recorder for SlingBox
    ● Jaksta Converter
    ● Jaksta Media Player

    All Jaksta Products:- https://www.jaksta.com/products

    Buy/Download Jaksta Deluxe for Windows:- https://www.jaksta.com/products/windows/jaksta-deluxe

    About the giveaway:-

    I would like to thank my friend Liam from Jaksta Support for sponsoring this giveaway and the licenses for our forum members. :tankyou:

    Again, 2 x Jaksta Deluxe Bundle for Windows Lifetime Licenses for the giveaway.:v:

    Giveaway rules:-

    As always, simple rules. But please comment something that should indicate that you want to enter this competition. Not just thanks or other one word comments.
    Lastly, post anything about this software (usage scenario, your experience) to show your appreciation and love for it.

    Giveaway ends on January 30th, 2018.

    Good luck all. :good3:
  2. nonlin01

    nonlin01 MDL Novice

    Jun 3, 2017
    Most of my PC usage involves multimedia of all descriptions, whether just viewing or listening for enjoyment or more involved operations such as editing, trimming, and this suite encompasses it all. A very handy and comprehensieve suite of applets for working with a wealth of multimedia to do everything you need. Thanks for the chance to own this extremely useful suite of utils, much appreciated.
  3. daljeet singh

    daljeet singh MDL Novice

    Jun 27, 2017
  4. sterchin

    sterchin MDL Member

    Mar 25, 2016
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Unlike the competing software, it captures and saves protected RTMP and RTMPE streams. Also in it there is a possibility of search of video, music, radio and converting the downloaded content.
  5. browneylad

    browneylad MDL Member

    Sep 26, 2017
    Thanks whizkidraj for this chance with super giveaways!
    I have not used Jaksta before so this is a new software for me. I visited & read details & this looks the perfect bundle for me. Jaksta bundle has everything, media recorder, converter, music & radio recorder & an inbuilt media player. I love multimedia tools & this will be such awesome addition for me. A single bundle can do the work of all sorts of media, video, audio & everything, from record, create, convert to other formats & everything. Thanks for this super chance to win.


  6. qaj1shi

    qaj1shi MDL Senior Member

    Apr 10, 2011
    thanks for the giveaway raj!

    This program looks good because it has all in one!
    I have tried before YTD and other software like that, but they didn't work well and the quality was very bad! :kick:

    So i'd like to win a license for this and keep downloading music from YT and other sites in good quality. :xmas:
  7. Chibi ANUBIS

    Chibi ANUBIS MDL Chibi Developer

    Apr 28, 2014
    Count me in please, I always need a software for converting and other, this Bundle is the good things for me :)
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  8. angustaver

    angustaver MDL Member

    Sep 5, 2015
    I do not know this software
    but it seems to be an all-in-one package
    very good.
    I need it to download videos and music and modify the format.
    thanks for the giveaway
  9. hakah

    hakah MDL Member

    Apr 4, 2014
    Thanks for the Giveaway!
    Jaksta Deluxe Bundle for Windows includes Media Recorder, Music Recorder, Radio Recorder, Recorder for Slingbox, Converter and Media Player.
    1. Jaksta Media Recorder is the ultimate toolkit for downloading and capturing ANY online video and audio.
    2. Jaksta Music Recorder identifies the title, artist, album, artwork and lyrics of the song and saves it
    with the downloaded file.
    3. Jaksta Radio Recorder can record shows aand save to MP3 or other audio formats.
    4. Recorder for Slingbox enables you to record video to your PC.
    5. Converter can convert large video and music files to the best quality playback on popular devices.
    6. Media Player can play any video or audio format without any quality loss.

  10. dinosaur07

    dinosaur07 MDL Member

    Jan 19, 2016
    Lots of thanks @whizkidraj for this giveaway also. Very interesting software, although i have never known about this software i read a lot of good articles about it on the internet and all of these convinced me to try it. I would like to win a license for this software to better organise my media files and performs various conversions and listening to musinc using their media player, so count me in for this giveaway.

    Best of luck at all!
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  11. t8x

    t8x MDL Novice

    Nov 16, 2015
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    I installed the player :)
    was looking for a software to build mp3 library.
    good luck all
  12. Ankit Mhatre

    Ankit Mhatre MDL Novice

    Jan 15, 2018
    Awesome giveaway. All the media bundle in one. Hope I win. Thank you @whizkidraj and Jaksta.
  13. grrgrr

    grrgrr MDL Member

    Oct 4, 2017
    Thanks @whizkidraj for the Lifetime License giveaway.

    Jaksta seems to be a new brand in the market as I have never heard of them before. I can definitely use Media Recorder and Media Player. As I use VPN for iHeart Radio I can also try Radio Recorder for recording songs. The choices are good and this will come handy.

  14. tarekma7

    tarekma7 MDL Member

    Sep 28, 2012
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway. This is a wonderful bundle of 6 Powerful Recording Products. You can easily download, convert, record and play any online Video, Music and Radio. Additionally, you can rip any video and music from ANY Website!
  15. Raur

    Raur MDL Member

    Oct 11, 2017
    Thanks to @whizkidraj for the opportunity to win the bundle giveaway.

    No need to use different products to do different tasks. It's convenient to have a deluxe lifetime license for my audio video dowload/conversion needs.
  16. usermydigitallyfe

    usermydigitallyfe MDL Member

    Oct 30, 2016
    Thanks @whizkidraj for the Lifetime License giveaway.

    Jaksta Media Recorder is the ultimate toolkit for downloading and capturing any online video and audio. I can watch it or listen to it, Ican save it to myPC. Jaksta Media Recorder allows free YouTube downloads even in trial mode.
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  17. dhruvenjoy

    dhruvenjoy MDL Member

    Nov 27, 2010
    Thanks for the giveaway!!! Jaksta Deluxe bundle packs in it all the media related programs. I particularly like Jaksta Media recorder which features dvr and music recorder and video and music downloader.
  18. Nepoleon

    Nepoleon MDL Member

    Feb 21, 2016
    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Jaksta Media Recorder is a useful application which can be used to download video and audio files, convert them to different file formats, record audio and video streams and schedule unattended live recordings.
  19. kubik67

    kubik67 MDL Member

    Feb 14, 2016
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    I need free license Jaksta Deluxe Bundle for Windows for work with media content.

    I had no experience of using this program, but the official site presents a large number of features and basic applications to work with video, music, radio, loaders, and recorders.
  20. Ashwin

    Ashwin MDL Junior Member

    May 19, 2017
    Thanks for the giveaway

    I use Spotify and YouTube for listening to music, so I'm interested in trying Jaska Music Recorder and Media recorder