Global Warming: Your opinion ....

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Is Global Warming man made or a natural cycle ?

  1. Yes, it is man made

  2. Undecided

  3. No, I think there is another reason for it

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  1. case-sensitive

    case-sensitive MDL Addicted

    Nov 7, 2013
    Instead of all the looser blah blah about the problems the biosphere has ........ polution , melting ice , climate catastrophy , plastic polution , nuclear polution , poisoned water , the comming mass death of species ........... we should be talking about WHY those problems arose ?.......... Inspite of more than 2 hundred years of warnings and mass protest since the 60s ....... WHO is responsible ? ........ WHO did and does NOTHING to stop it ? ...... WHO profited from it ? ......WHO are the culprets ? ...... WHO is guilty ? = Capitalists and their poly-tricker front men .

    Some evil peopl who've been indoctrinated with capitalist propoganda ---- > and have believed it !!! < ---- will say ...... The whole of humanity is to blame because they bought the products the capitalists sell = ---- >

    The about 6 billion people surviving in poverty are to blame for the climate catastrophy because they ate ...... and farted ? Because they bought clothes ? Made by child labour in the third world ? Because the goods that they had to buy to survive come in packaging thats much to big , made of non recycleable materials and is designed to fall apart as fast as possible so that the customers come back for more ...... and they bought it ? ...... We're to blame for the bank crash where we were ripped off and then had to pay to bail the banks out because we use money ? We're to blame for the f**k-you-shima , chernobyl , three mile island , sell-a-field disasters because we use electricity ? Bopal and seveso were our fault because we buy the products ? The capitalists ( banks , insurance companys , corporations ) and the tax collectors aka governments did what they did , and do what they do for us ? ....... Not for personal profit on our backs at our cost ....... after forcing us to work for a pitance so we can just keep our heads over water ?
  2. gorski

    gorski MDL Guru

    Oct 21, 2009
    Now, if ever there was a lot of blah-blah-blah with no idea what to do....:rolleyes:
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