[HOW-TO/SUPPORT/CHAT] OFFICE C2R Download/Install/Activation

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by s1ave77, Jul 19, 2015.

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    I am curious as to why the evaluation copy of the ISO link isn't on here, unless you can't use that? ...and I'm not going to read all 156 pages to find the answer if there is even one....search term doesn't bring back anything so I guess it hasn't yet been discussed....

    Also, is it necessary to disable telemetry on this? Can't be that bad, can it....?

    Woops wrong thread topic.... :doh:
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    We all know, that there a many/different ways to activate Office.

    I use OfficeRTool for activate Office with Mondo license and after that I insert Retail-license Key - ended with -VMFTK (without any error message, but also not a validation message, the window only has getting closed).

    So that is exactly the way we have to go (if you want new ribbon):

    1. Activate Office with Mondo-license
    2. Insert Retail-license Key -VMFTK
    3. Keeping both licenses*...the Mondo license for using Office 180 days period and Retail-license for "thinking" beeing Office 365 and provide new ribbon (it doesn't matter if the license has expired).
    4. If you don't insert the Retail-License -VMFTK, you never will get the new ribbon.

    *Following this way, I don't miss any Office 365 features besides.

    I am very sure, that you will have the new ribbon also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and... ;)
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    Dec 8, 2018
    Yes, I can confirm: two weeks have passed and it still works.
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    2 days passed, all fine :) Thank you again.

    My steps was: Install Office 365 ProPlus with OfficeRTool, run C2R-R2V_8 and KMS_VL_ALL-SppExtComObjPatcher-kms-29 and than the steps mentioned in my other posts.

    In my opinion, it should be included in Retail2VL converters when Office 365 installation is detected on the system, to have both licenses. Anyway, now I know how to.
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    I've been away for a long time. I'm currently using the VL version of office 2016 that I downloaded when it came out, but it seems this variant does not get the feature updates that the C2R variant (or whatever it's called) gets; only stability, bug fixing and security updates.

    I want to download and install the C2R office 2016 offline (keep the files for future use) but honestly cannot make heads and tails of all the info on the forum.

    I'm using windows 7. I tried the OfficeRTool but the download option seems to download the latest 16.0.11231.20174 version. That's 2019, right? AFAIK office 2019 is not compatible with 7.

    How do I download the 2016 C2R version?

    P.S. My internet connection has a small monthly quota, so I'm trying to avoid having to re-download large files.

    EDIT: If I download one of MS' official 2016 C2R ISOs, is there a way to customize the installation with the XML method?
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    Apr 15, 2014
    I installed the office from this page but when i try to convert it to VL it gives me a bunch of errors and i can't convert it form retail to VL, also i can't activate it.
    After i try to convert them Office is trying to fix himself by repairing after using the conversion.

    Also tried to convert them with OfficeRTools .

    Can someone tell me how to post that bunch of error?
    Maybe i can fix the, maybe someone know how to fix them.

    L.E.: Does OfficeRTools works with 64 bit version? Because that's the version i installed it.
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    Nov 11, 2018
    Hello everyone

    today i downloaded Office 2016 Retail from microsoft but i cant to convert it to VL license.

    i got errors.

    please someone tell me how can i change Retail to VL latest Office 2016 and than how can i activate it?
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    Hi, I'm having some trouble activating Office in a Windows 10 1809 machine, I remember reading about some extra steps needed to be performed in 1809 when it came out but for some reason I don't seem to be able to find info about it.

    Starting from a clean-ish machine (any previous Office has been uninstalled and scrubbed), I tried using OfficeRTool, YAOCTRI or OfficeC2R to install Office (lets say 365 Business for example). Once it is installed, since it is a Retail product I would open one of the apps which assigns me a 5 or 6 day trial period. Then I would use OfficeRTool, C2R-R2V or OfficeC2R again to convert it to Volume; in this case since we're talking 365 Business it would go to a Mondo license I think.

    At that point the installation is already botched, if I try opening an app again I get a message that Office needs to be repaired or reinstalled (don't recall right now). Trying to activate with OfficeRTool or OfficeC2R doesn't lead anywhere, in fact it gets stuck sometimes there and I need to forcefully close the application and restart the machine.

    Is it a well known problem related to 1809? I tried the same steps in a 1803 machine and it seemed to work without problem.

    Am I missing something? Thanks anyway!
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    How can I get Semi-Annual Channel version of Visio (Pro) 2019 (current version 1808 build 10730.20280)? I installed it on my desktop and I forgot how, now I am not able to get it on my tablet :\

    I can get it only on non-business channels, can I convert it back on Semi-Annual Channel then?

    I know that for a lot of people using consumer monthly channel is not a big deal, but I cannot list anymore how many times Microsoft f**ked up with their updates on Windows and Office multiple machines of mine...

    EDIT: nevermind, the back-conversion works. I had to switch to monthly update channel, download visio 2019 pro, switch back tu SAC, convert to VL, active it. now looks like it works.
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    For some reason the C2R 365 that comes with my laptop will not uninstall properly which is preventing me from installing Office 2016 Prof Pro. Used 3 different cleanup tools to no avail.
    So now I want to reset the laptop again and convert the C2R to volume so I can activate using msoft toolkit.
    I have downloaded the C2R 7z file but the readme doesn't have any instructions. I referred to post #1 and post #5 but I still don't see any instructions.
    I'm sure there are a million ways I could screw this up so I figured I'd ask first.
    Thanks in advance

    [FOLLOW UP] I decided to just give it a try based on some other thread comments. I opened Excel and just bypassed all the usual "activate me" dialogs until I got a blank spreadsheet. Then I closed it and ran the C2R converter followed by msoft toolkit. Said it was successfully installed. When I opened Excel after, still not activated.

    [SECOND TRY] Signed up for a msoft account, proceeded with trial activation. Bombed out 0x80070005 error. So I can't scrub the C2R install, Can't get a free trial going, looks like OpenOffice it is. SMH!
    BTW, I am doing a Windows 10 reset each time I try something new. Just tired of it all after 4 days and about 15 resets.
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    Download OfficeScrubber. Extract to a folder. Run Scrub.cmd as admin. Enjoy :)
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    Can you please provide a link. I can't find OfficeScrubber. I looked

    [FOUND IT]

    [FOLLOW UP] Something is funky about this C2R. I wont convert, activate, or uninstall properly. Scrubber didn't work. I give up!. Thanks for the tips.
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