Microsoft 'will be enabling VBS on most new PCs over this next year' and that can tank performance

Discussion in 'Windows 11' started by k3lt, Oct 2, 2021.

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    Very Bad Scheme :cool:
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    Oct 10, 2007
    A VM in a VM has problems no way
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    Nov 4, 2012
    Ever since I enabled hyper-V on Windows 10 it seems I have had VBS enabled:
    Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_DeviceGuard -Namespace root\Microsoft\Windows\DeviceGuard returns
    VirtualizationBasedSecurityStatus : 2

    Upgrading to Windows 11 yesterday and nothing changed in any significant way.
    VMWare Workstation 16 runs on top of Hyper-V, bitches about side channel mitigations - but that's just a checkbox in the VM settings.
    Beyond that everything seems to run fine (on i7 8700K / 64 GB ram). Granted performance under Hyper-V is some 10-15% worse than it was under VMWare's own virtualizer back in Workstation 15 but that's mostly an optimization thing and could be ironed out eventually with future versions. I haven't experienced anything else game-breaking, like not being able to modify settings or crashes or whatever.

    I don't use VirtualBox but I used to run bluestacks on Hyper-V as well which uses VirtualBox.

    There's some in-depth info here:
    Disable Virtualization-Based Security Without Disabling Hyper-V - Microsoft Q&A
    on how to actually disable it while keeping hyper-V in case you need it like I do.
    But it sounds like too much of a pain to go through so I'll pass and use it like it is.
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    Judges ignore unreasonable terms that they find unreasonable all the time. Not saying they'll ignore this one, just sayin'.