Need help analyzing logs and dumps for 0xc000007b bsod

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    W10 x64.
    My story begins a week ago(~).
    One day I decided to check my old gpu(gtx 660). I removed my amd gpu temporarily for a few hours. After a check I moved my amd gpu back and it was okay. Later that day (or next day or more later) after stable work, at the online tv series viewing my OS totally stuck on single video frame. After a few secs there was bsod or just restart(I cant remember) and unusual noise from the speakers. After restart I saw that loop boot: os trying to help itself and starts diagnostics with msg "computer didnt start correctly....
    [Restart][Advanced options]".
    So, ehmm...Actually, about a half a year before I did the same manipulation with my gpus and there was the same problem. BUT the problem occured just after my usual amd gpu moved back to my pc and moreover I just clicked [Restart] on that "computer didnt start correctly..." screen and my pc started to run okay.
    Now it has loop boot.
    1. I tried everything on recovery/diagnostic screen with no effect.
    2. I did "sfc /scannow /offbootdir... /offwindir..." command 5 times from my dvd and from system boot diagnostic option command line each with no success. Scanning found files but unable to heal them.
    3. Dism was a pita. The first good spell was "dism image:D:\ /cleanup-image /restorehealth /source:h:\sources\install.wim:1 /limitaccess" which I did from my dvd(where d: is my w10 hdd letter and h: is dvd. Woah it just started and did some job and afer a few minutes at 20% progress it did show an error
    "DismHost.exe - Application error
    Unknown software exception (0xc0000420) in application adress ......"
    I set /scratchdir to ext hdd with enooough space too, sure.
    Dism /scanhealth results no errors.

    Note: I have w10 and w7 both on my pc. I have 3 hdd. W7 is old and it is on my 3rd hdd while w10 is on 1st(2nd hdd is for programs in w10). I need to boot from my 3rd(w7) hdd to initialize w10 start as we talk about boot order.
    Note2: every hdd checked in Victoria and its perfect.
    Note3: I still able to boot in w7.
    Log file is here

    P.S.: 1)Its 0xc000007b bsod.
    2)Here are my steps with my gpus:
    -Delete amd sw
    -Switch pc off, swap gpu to gtx 660
    -Turn on, install nvidia driver
    -Checked that it works ok
    (then, I cant remember, I think I just turn pc off and placed amd gpu back)
    -Booted to w10, deleted nvidia sw and maybe with no restart installed amd sw.
    -Restarted pc
    I know there was many possible causes for an errors. But, as I mentioned before, last time I did it with no fatality. I remember it was much safer to do that on XP hehe.
    3) I cant boot into any mode even Safe mode.
    4)I did run sfc command as "sfc /scannow" with just a few secs of job and offer to restart pc to complete system recovery. So, I did it with ".../offbootdir... /offwindir" parameters.
    5) I deleted Nvidia and Amd folders from both Program files directories and Program data folder. I deleted hiberfil,pagefile and swap files also.
    6) I enabled boot logging in os boot properties. I attached my log.
    7) I attached my memory.dump file.
    boot log
    memory dump
    fresh dism log
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    Thank you for your reply! I just added some info to my initial post in P.S. section
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    You need to rename your thread to "Need help analyzing logs and dumps for 0xc000007b bsod". No need to mention Windows 10 in the title since you're posting it in the Windows 10 forum. Sorry, but I haven't had to time lately to learn to stack trace kernel dumps or memory dumps for reasons I won't go into. I never needed to know how, until Windows 10 1607 started being so strict with drivers. I could always work my way around it before. Sounds to me like you're going to have to load the registry remotely and stop some drivers from loading to get back into windows 10 since 0xc000007b indicates a driver or software crash. Good luck.
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