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Discussion in 'Linux' started by Kofuji, Aug 8, 2015.

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    You can try AOMEI Partition Assistant Free version, you can make a WinPE/Linux bootdisk/stick with it. Newly created partitions should allways be aligned (when option is checked) with it.

    But you can align old partitions lossless with it afterwards too.
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    If you are just going to install using the whole drive for Windows you don't really have to make a partition table beforehand, the installer will do it for you, assuming the drive is really empty with no previous partition table, following standard Windows layout, either in GPT or MBR style depending on how you boot the installer.
    It only make sense to do the partitioning if you don't want to follow standard Windows layout or you want to reserve part of the drive for a data partition or for another OS.
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    There's not a single reason to use MBR anymore. Both Windows and Linux supports it well. To begin with, you're limited to 4 partitions with MBR, so you'll have to resort to using logical partitions and all that crap if you need more. It's such a mess. Also, partitions are limited to 2TB and so on. Just use GPT. Also, I see no reason to use gparted, just let the installer do its thing.
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    There is one very good reason: if you are booting using "legacy" BIOS, this is the only choice (unless you are willingful to play with G4D, duet, hybrid MBR or similar advanced stuff.)

    Otherwise, if you have a newer UEFI firwmare where you have the choice, nowadays there are few reasons to not use GPT, and even less if only using Windows.