Project 10to7 (slimming down / debloating windows 10)

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    Checking back here from time to time to check out your progress. Looking forward to trying this on 1809 and 19H1. Just before adding in the optional programs I want to see how the stripped down version compares to a stock install of LTSC 2019. Comparing speed, running tasks and services, outgoing OS connections, etc.
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    why is every comment from OP removed?
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    some comments removed, can't remember why, you haven't missed anything.

    as i've said before, i've tried my best to strip away as much of the "modern" fluff as possible without trashing the whole os, which consists primarily of, removal of files, folders and registry data.

    you do end up with a few more processes running to bring back some lost features.

    just for that w7 feel / look you can have; tclock + classic shell or open shell (or whatever menu you want) + taskbow (for classic taskbar closing of items) + alt tab switcheroo

    of course all is optional you can use windows without any of the above but you will miss out on classic stuff :)

    atm i'm tinkering with directx, trying to restore deprecated stuff like missing direct input files, directmusic (files exist but lots of reg data is missing), directsound3d (if possible) and any other old dx features, might help with running older games? i got the winsrv2003 dxdiag working just by replacing the files and it shows missing files and registry data when i save all info to the txt file dump, the sound tests work, music tests work and all the d3d / ddraw tests but one work (the d3d9 test, crashes) which brings back memories...
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