Remove Telemetry and Windows 10 Related Updates from Windows 7

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Skaendo, Aug 22, 2015.

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    Dec 9, 2018
    Ok, to check if I get it all correctly (for manual bloat-free install).

    Uninstall previous drivers using DDU (v18.0.0.5 is latest version).

    Download latest drivers. Unzip it.

    Delete all files which you selected (on guru3d forum, it is noted "Optional - For Windows 7/8/8.1 driver 411.63 and Onwards Keep - Miracast.VirtualAudio folder as well. For Win 10 - PPC"). Do we have to keep that Miracast.VirtualAudio folder (and PPC folder in Win10) ? As I can see, you selected it for deletion.

    Modify setup.cfg with Notepad, as described on guru3d forum. Save.


    Is this correct? Do I miss anything?
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    Dec 9, 2018
    Ok, I have done it, here is report.

    I used DDU, in Safe mode, to uninstall old Nvidia drivers. I do not know why they state on forum that latest DDU will require internet to be disabled. DDU only recommended that I uninstall old drivers from Safe mode, which I did, and in Safe mode internet was already disabled. After that I reboot and internet was enabled like always, so I do not understand why they state "once a driver is installed re-enable it". Because driver is yet to be installed (which I have prepared before)... so I continue further.

    Downloaded latest drivers, and prepared everything as already mentioned. With small difference compared to your screenshot. I see you have not selected MSVCRT. But on Guru3d forum, it is stated as one of folder which have to be deleted (yes, they gave example for Win10, but did not nowhere stated that folder have to stay, as example for optional Miracast.VirtualAudio or PPC). So I deleted it also.

    I did not choose Express install, but Custom. Did not change anything (there was only three things to be installed) and proceed. After restart, everything work OK on new drivers.

    Than I had check with Disable Nvidia Telemetry Portable Now program do not have anything to report to block (as before). I had also manualy search in Task Scheduler and Services (as we discussed before), there is no Nvidia in TS anymore, and in Services Nvidia Telemetry Container, it is already disabled. So, I assume this is how it need to be, but if I did anything wrong, please correct me.

    I also do not know does it causes any problem because internet was enabled when I did install new (bloat free) drivers, because as I mentioned already and I will copy from Guru3d - "Note: Latest DDU requires you to Disable internet prior to its usage, once a driver is installed re-enable it."

    One more thing which I notice. In Device Manager, GPU is recognised normal. But monitor now is recognised as "generic PnP monitor". I did reinstall Asus program/driver which I used before to get my monitor properly displayed in Device Manager, but with no luck. Restart, nothing. In Screen Resolution monitor is properly named under Display, but going to advanced settings, again say "generic PnP monitor". In Nvidia control panel, monitor is normaly recognised with proper name.
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    Yup Thanks For Script

    Nice Script Anyway Just Like What I Am Looking For :)
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