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    Dear everyone,

    Due to recent events, it was decided that we will heavily restrict political discussions on MDL. One reason for this can be seen in this thread:

    I've decided to delete some posts that were completely inappropriate. We had everything: antisemitism, white supremacy, eugenics and tons of other bulls**t (excuse my harsh words).

    I've given myself 24 hours to decide and now I've come to a conclusion. Of course, the whole MDL staff team is involved.

    Ongoing political discussions will be left open, as long as a good discussion style is maintained. If not, we will close the thread, issue bans and/or take other measures.

    1) No more throwing crap at each other.

    2) Eugenics won't solve any problem.

    3) If you think killing people will solve problems and that eugenics is the way to a better world, ask yourself if you would agree to euthanizing yourself and/or your family. If you disagree, you maybe see the problem.

    4) Same is valid for any white supremacy or other alt-right fears.

    5) Yes, I know about free speech, but I also believe that free speech doesn't mean everybody has to provide a platform for everything. There are more than enough forums on the internet where you can advocate pretty much everything. MDL is a technical, not a political forum. Keep that in mind. We only tolerated religious and political discussions until now.

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