Windows 10 General advice tips wanted please!

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Space Dandy, Oct 13, 2020.

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    I have 3 w7 PC at home I am happy with them as is, I even have a USB w7 install key with added usb 3.0, nvme etc drivers for ryzen 3600/b450 board made with some tools from the really helpful peeps in the w7 forum boards that works quite good.

    That said while 2 of the Pc will stay on w7 for now I am replacing my ageing i5-750 PC soonish with a ryzen 5800x/x570 board and plan on making this my main PC and with VR also in mind so I need windows 10 installed on this one. Hopefully now lots of the w10 issues have been sorted and work around found!

    What I need is advice on how to:

    get windows 10 Pro from my existing w7 Home install that uses the daz loader to make it genuine?

    is it possible to do a clean w10 install and then make it genuine in some manner like using the daz loader or do we NEED to use the w7 upgrade path?

    which bloatware remover tool should I be using?

    which privacy tools should I be using?

    how can I make it look like windows 7 as much as possible? I hate the tiles and would like the windows explorer function to be more familiar.

    is it possible to remove some of the crappy candy crush type bloat while keeping the MS Store..I am not sure but I think for VR I need to keep cortana too.

    are there any tool to make a nice windows 10 pro usb installer so I can do quick easy clean installs?

    is there anything else I should be thinking about to decrapify w10 and/or so MS doesn't know instantly what I had for breakfast and what I did with my wife on the couch while watching tv? :D

    Thanks for any tips, insight and advice.
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    You could do an anytime upgrade to Pro or Ultimate and upgrade to 10.
    OR just install 10 and activate it by HWID (google for massgravel on github) or KMS_VL_ALL
    That will be an neverending story and will result in future problems.
    Can't help you with that, win 10 has a properly working explorer.
    Many UWP apps can easily be removed.
    Rufus is a capable tool or run the MCT directly to USB.
    Answered before and MSFT doesn't keep track of your home life.
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    Install Windows 10 Education:
    - it has the highest chances of successful upgrade from any version of 7-8-10
    - it has the least amount of bloatware
    - it has the least amount of "spyware".

    Any up-to-date windows 7-8-10 now has telemetry, but Education is the only edition that could get Microsoft bankrupt and it's execs into prison if found spying on academia. Most universities have done their own privacy reviews, and found no personal identifiable data sent to Microsoft - it's just regular telemetry for how windows behaves, power management, errors, that sort of things.
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    I found out a few months ago that upgrades were still free, so I updated all Win 7 and 8.1 machines to 10. All I did was download and run the Media Creation Tool. All apps, settings, and data were retained. Later, I used one feature to remove the old Windows folder.