Acer Aspire A515-51G Corrupted BIOS - Urgent

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by LeandroFernandesPT, May 31, 2021.

  1. LeandroFernandesPT

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    May 30, 2021
    Hello everyone, I need help fixing my corrupted bios.

    My laptop was having serious thermal shutdown problems where it would shutdown around 60º everytime, I figured it should be a software problem, as the laptop has barely 3 years of life and during those years it was cleaned thoroughly and the thermal paste swapped, but even with a clean install of windows and the manufactor's drivers the problem didn't seem to go away. I decided to downgrade my bios to an early version hoping that would fix the issue, unfortunatly, downgrading the bios completly bricked my laptop. I ask for anyone that has any knowledge on corrupted bios to help me. Unfortunatly, the repair shops here (rural Portugal) are not "qualified" enough for such a repair and all tell me to replace the motherboard, which would cost around 200 euros. I know my way around computers enough to know this is fixable (but clearly not enough to avoid this issue), and I can try to fix it with some help. For some context, the bios was flashed, the laptop automaticaly restarted, it installed the new bios to 100%, restarted again and nothing else happened after that. The computer right now turns on, the fan ramps up but nothing else happens, just black screen.

    I already tried: reseating ram, removing cmos battery, laptop battery and power and leaving it out for some time, and putting the bios files in a usb stick while pressing FN+ESC.

    I am willing to paypal 25 euros (30 USD) or more if really needed to anyone who helps me fix it.

    I will be posting this topic on multiple tech websites for the best chances at fixing the issue. This is my main "computer" and I need it to end my high-school programming course's final project.

    Here are the specifications of the device and the bios files:

    Acer Aspire 5 - A515-51G-56UG

    CPU- i5-8250u

    RAM- 8GB DDR4

    SSD- 256GB M.2

    GPU- Geforce Mx130

    Motherboard- C5V01 LA-E892P

    (I could not post links has for a rule, for bios files please ask, but they are available at the acer support website)
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    May 17, 2019
    Hi! This is very strange, because BIOS recovery is a simple operation. Perhaps they have personal reasons.
    I hope disassembling the laptop again will not be a challenge for you. Better save your euros and buy some hardware SPI programmer and pomona clip for it (all for around $10). It is not necessary to order this tool online, even in my small town there is 1 such radio engineering shop.