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    Hello Yen. I have some information that you might be interested in. Maybe you know about this already but here's what I found out on my own.

    You know I've been having problems activating x64 using the HP ISA file, the x86 activates fine.

    I know that the SLIC table should checksum to 00 and the whole ISA file should also checksum to 00.

    I ran WinHex on the HP ISA.BIN file included in the NISA-ALLOEM archive and the checksum is 00. I extraced the SLIC table from this file and the checksum is 86, it should be 00.

    I took the HP SLIC table from the "Slic tables with fixed checksums" archive and that checksum is 00. I put this table into the ISA.BIN file and corrected the last byte at 3FFh to 94h. Now both the new ISA.BIN file that I made AND the SLIC table checksums are 00. This should be correct now, right?

    Do you think this is the reason why x64 would not activate? I will flash my bios with the new ISA.BIN and install x64 and I will let you know. I don't see any reason why it should not activate now that all the checksums are correct.
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    Jun 3, 2007
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    Yen, I flashed my new bios with the updated ISA.BIN and installed x64 Ultimate, it activated perfectly using the HP cert and HP Ultimate key.

    Obviously, x64 does not like wrong checksums, x86 maybe doesn't care as much ;)

    Thanks to you because I have been reading your posts and picked up alot of tips!!!!! :)

    Now if you can teach me how to add Dell SLP 1.0 into bioses, I will be set. I can do HP, Lenovo and Fujitsu but not Dell. :(
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