Before you request a (new) bios, read this!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by Yen, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Please keep in mind the following before posting a request for a modded BIOS:

    (1) Check out what is at post #3

    (2) Consult your mainboard's manual and/or the official web site of your mainboard's manufacturer concerning the following:

    (a) find out what a BIOS is and especially how to flash it properly. A DOS flash is generally the better way. After a successful flash enter setup and LOAD SETUP DEFAULTS, SAVE AND EXIT!!!

    (b) find out what the chances are of restoring your mainboard's BIOS to its original state if and when your mainboard becomes damaged or unusable as a result of flashing the modded BIOS. Only then you should ask yourself whether you would like to undertake the risk of flashing a modded BIOS

    (c) find out what CMOS is and how to clear it. You never know that you might need it.

    (3) In case the manufacturer of your mainboard has a BIOS update, flash first the BIOS update provided by the manufacturer to test it if it is working before you request us to mod.

    (4) Take note that for every 100 flashings of the BIOS, 1 will turn out bad, even with unmodified BIOSes provided by manufacturers of mainboards.

    (5) There is a higher risk of flashing a modified BIOS

    (6) If your mainboard becomes damaged or unusable as a result of flashing the modded BIOS, remember that YOU are personally responsible. It is never the responsibility of the one who provided you the modded BIOS.

    (7) After testing our mod, please report if it works or not. We need this information to improve our methods.

    (8) Please use ADVANCED SEARCH FUNCTION before you request for a mod!! Check show results as POSTS. There is a great chance that the bios is modded already!!

    * "flash the BIOS" = update the BIOS

    * "mainboard" = motherboard, desktop board

    * "mod" = modify "modded" = modified

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    Aug 31, 2007
    Just to expand on the above:

    Like noted above-

    1: Use a DOS based flashing tool. Flash from a COLD boot.
    (Using a Windows based flasher is asking for trouble.)

    2: When flashing- Do not flash during a thunderstorm, etc... Even if it is miles away...

    3: When flashing- use a UPS... that supplies constant power if you do lose power. A small power surge, dip, or loss during a bios flash is BAD news.
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    Jun 26, 2007
    written by teknomedic:

    I'm going to try and give back a little for all the help I got...

    Here are the noob directions to help make it an easy install... and to give the kind mods here a quick place to point someone who needs as much help as I did.

    Before you go any futher, goto the first page of this thread and read how to request a modded BIOS... also keep in mind that once you've completed a install please report back with the correct format as well and let us all know if it worked or failed.

    NOTE:... anything you do MUST be run as an administrator... if you don't have Admin rights... this may not work and you may infact kill your system. If you have Admin rights, it's recommended that you disable UAC (user account control). There's a program called TweakUAC (google it) that you can use to make this an easy switch. Also, there's a chance you can still kill your system even with Admin rights... follow this proceedure at your own risk.... you've been warned!!

    Step One: -- Before you get a modded BIOS... be sure to find the correct certificate file and serial key for your type of system. If you're going to be using an Asus BIOS... make sure you find the "asus.xrm-ms" certificate file and an OEM serial key that matches your preferred version of Vista (eg Ultimate, Home, etc). A good place to start is finding the "paradox.rar" file that includes just about everything you need. If the mods allow it and want it, I can link to a place that has this file (at least for now).

    Step Two: -- Once you've obtained the required info as stated above check the first page of this thread again to see if your BIOS is already modded. If not, request the BIOS you need in the preferred format as requested. NOTE>> You can skip to Step Four section 3 if you don't want to go through the "true BIOS" meothod<<

    Step Three: -- Be patient and wait for one of the kind people here to reply with your modded BIOS... they'll also let you know if it's not possible. NOTE>> You can skip to Step Four section 3 if your BIOS can't be modded<<

    Step Four: -- Once you've got your modded BIOS there are 3 things you can do...

    -------1) You can flash your physical BIOS and hope nothing goes wrong (like I did, lol).

    -------2) You can use a special emulator that will load before Vista and boot your modded BIOS and fool Vista into thinking it's your systems BIOS.

    -------3) You can find a program/archive from Paradox that includes some "default" BIOS files. This program is another BIOS emulator, but this one includes some BIOS files that it will load.

    -------NOTE>> I've not tested the "BIOS Emulation" options and am not 100% sure I'm correct... but based on what I've read, I'm pretty sure what I've said is correct. If I'm wrong please let me know so that this can be updated.

    Step Five: -- Once you've got your modded BIOS flashed or emulated it's time to register Vista. First, goto the control panel and find the "Windows Security Center", now find "User Account Control" and turn it off. There's also a program called "TweakUAC" (do a google search) that will make it super easy to adjust this setting. (((I'll be using the ASUS certificate file as an example))) Once UAC is disabled... copy the asus.xrm-ms certificate file to your root C:\ drive.

    Step Six: -- Once all this is done, got Start (the blue window button) and then Run. Now type "cmd" in the run box. Once that's loaded copy/paste or type the following and then hit enter:
    slmgr.vbs -ilc c:\asus.xrm-ms ((wait until a dialog box appears and then click "OK"))
    Now type or copy/paste the following and then hit enter...
    slmgr.vbs -ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx... ((xxxx is your OEM serial key for the installed Vista version)) (((once again wait until the dialog box appears)))

    You should be done and fully activated now... if you want to turn UAC back on feel free.

    NOTE: This is for informational purposes only.