Bios recovery mainboard HP IPIBL-LA

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    May 7, 2010
    I have tried to recover a AMI bios. The mainboard is a HP IPIBL-LA mainboard. I have followed the post number 2105 here from the forum with no succes .All I got is three long beeps, a pause and then again three beeps and so on. It still try to boot up from floppy but with no succes.

    Who know what to do?

    Thanks in advance ADB
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    just had the same issue ......ipilb-la bios recovery
    the correct answer is.

    put bios onto floppy drive (u have to have one laying around somewhere, i didn`t think i needed it but i put an old one in my case just for this.)
    rename bios to HPBIOS.ROM on floppy
    boot pc with floppy while holding ctrl and home keys until floppy reads
    beeps 5 times and reboots
    that simple

    to determine filename for bios open in hexediter and search for ROM until you get filename(remove spaces if needbe)

    hope this helps someone