could someone tell me why the SONY BIOS rom cannot be open by AMI_TOOLs?

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm new here, I don't know if it is a suitable place to post this thread,
    Here is the question, my laptop is SONY-VGN-SR16, I want to mod it with SLIC 2.1 by myself, but I find it is hardly to do since I got some problem.

    1, I have updated the lap bios to the lastest version (R0300Y1), I use the AMI_tool to open this R0300Y1.ROM, it tells me "Could not open this rom", why this dialog appear? BTW, My laptop BIOS manufacturer is AMI. It's Odd that the AMI tool could open AMI ROM.

    2, I use Winhex(16 editor) to open this rom, I find offset from 00000160 to 00000170 ,text string is "Insyde Corp", I google it find this another BIOS
    manufacturer, And I download the Flash utility, It still tells me "Could not open this file, It's Odd that make me puzzle.

    3, If I re-flash the bios with the Bios verison (R0300Y1), it tell me that,"My laptop is the lastest",thus it is interrput, could anyone help me if I want to "Rollback" or "Re-reflash" SONY bios

    Thank you very much.
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    It's a UEFI, not a open and edit with EzH20 when renamed to *.fd. (To modify with the direct RAM method)
    Anyway I don't know how to flash the mod, since it doesn't allow to flash the same version...
    The latest AMI bios is bios core8, the successor is AMI APTIO (UEFI). There are also APTIO tools from AMI like MMTool Aptio...
    UEFI= Unified Extensible Firmware Interface
    BIOS= Basic Input Output System

    According to the OEMs the bios will become obsolete.

    More and more manufacturer are using UEFI, the successor of the bios.
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