Dell BIOS DMI Modifcation

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    Nov 22, 2017
    Hi all,

    TL;DR version: [I can see the details I want to modify in my BIOS DMI tables using CrystalDMI.exe but have no idea how to do this, is there a Windows GUI that could do this? It's for an Dell OptiPlex 9010 Mobo running Windows Server 2012R2].

    So I am VERY new to BIOS modification. I really didn't want to go down this path but it looks as it may be my only option. I have a SOHO Core i5 Server that suffered damage to it's mobo after power surge caused by a storm.
    As the company is a very small start-up (and I'm talking only months old), my mate asked me if I could keep the repair costs as low as possible.

    I went to our local University who have a massive eWaste Recycling container and one of the guys there I used to work with said help yourself. Lo-and-behold I found an Opitplex 9010 that had been stripped of all parts except it's cd-rom, RAM, chasis and mobo, it's the same chipset type so I set it up and success it worked fine!
    Only trouble is it has Service Tag, Express Service Code and other details which are still linked to the University. As all the other parts in the Server are still the same and covered under warranty I would like to remove that data so it continues to appear as a generic build machine, mainly for the Windows Server licencing as it needs to be reactivated and it's detecting the service tag and displaying model as Dell OptiPlex 9010.

    I have tried the following:
    *Flash BIOS to latest version A26 with silent switch '-wipeall':
    *Dell.BIOS.Reset.iso with using silent switches
    *Dell Command Configure command prompt using cctk.exe --svctag

    Issues with those tools:
    * & appear to not support newer OptiPlex builds (OptiPlex 9010 circa 2013).
    *cct.exe --svctag returned a 'read-only' error when trying to mod the file.
    *The silent switch '-wipeall' & '-wipeclean' were not recognised with the new Dell BIOS exe updates.
    The '-wipeall' switch seems to indicate that it would do what I need "Cleans the DMI Data Area, Password, Service Tag, and Asset Tag". It seems to put the BIOS back to a blank factory type state.

    As none of the above has worked it brings me here.

    I have looked for a simple GUI to modify the DMI tables in Windows but have been unable to locate any working applications.

    I managed to find someone who put their laptop BIOS into 'Manufacturing Level' using a .rom so I'm investigating this as a possible option. I know I'm on A26 but I have managed to obtain an OptiPlex 9010 A25.rom and am wondering if AFUWINGUI would do the job:

    I know AMI has a few tools like DMIEDIT & AMIBCP but have been unable to locate any downloads to try them, I ran BiosAgentPlus and it seemed to think it was an AMI BIOS but another user used a tool called 'PhoneixTool' and it reported Insyde/EFI BIOS:

    Just wondered if any of the experts could provide some advice on how to proceed? I'm at my wits end :?
  2. an0n107

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    Nov 22, 2017
    Ok so with a bit of help I've managed to backup my BIOS using "BACKUP_Tools19l" which appears to make a dump of my BIOS to a .bin file.
    I've been able to open it up in a HEX editor and make the required modifications, only trouble is machine is a Dell write-protected Dual-chip BIOS.

    I have my .bin/.rom fil;e but have no idea on how to flash the modded dump back? Any ideas?
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