Dell Inspiron 14z 5423 Bios Recovery Helpppppp!!!!!!

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  1. d3n7s

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    Aug 16, 2014
    Hi everybody.
    I have a bricked Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 and would like to request any assistance you can gave me, i had done all the steps referred in the beginning about:

    1. I have downloaded the bios file from Dell official Site (i had two the basic bios 5423A00.EXE and the latest 5423A13.EXE)
    2. I have extracted the .hdr file from both files using the /writehdrfile command and already have 5423a00.hdr and 5423a13.hdr extracted files.

    Now, I could not locate any tool that allow me to know the correct file name in order to rename this files that i already have. First, i though that after i had the .hdr file i could format a 512mb memory flash as FAT and copy the file and do all the remaining steps of the process, but i was wrong couse the lap doesnt start and the sreen remain black, so obviously the flash process dint succeed.
    So, i request any help you can provide me, starting by what is the correct name for the .hdr that i extract from a xxxx.exe file of the bios, couse i think that's the main issue
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    Apr 29, 2008
    Use recovery filename "BMWZ4A13.ROM". Good luck!
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  3. d3n7s

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    Aug 16, 2014
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    Ok, will try thanks a lot...

    P.D: How in God's Name d you manage to get that name????
  4. d3n7s

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    Aug 16, 2014
    I have succefully flash the bios. I will explain now the steps that i have performed:
    1. Download the bios update from Dell Official Site.
    2. Extract the bios from the downloaded xxxxx.exe using /writehdrfile or /writeromfile command, in order to get a xxxxx.hdr/xxxxx.rom file that will be used to perform the flash.
    3. Format in FAT a USB mem (is recommended to use a USB stick under 1gb)
    4. As my Bios was type Phoenix i use a tool named Phoenix Tool v2.57 with this very helpful tool and following the steps explained in threads/13358-How-to-Use-New-Phoenix-Bios-Mod-Tool-to-Modify-Phoenix-Dell-Insyde-EFI-Bios-Files of this Forum I get the correct name for my bios that is needed to rename the file that I already had, in my case BMWZ4A13 (couse i was using 5423A13 update) so i renamed my file with this name.
    5. Copy the renamed file BMWZ4A13.hdr to the formatted USB stick.
    6. Disarm the laptop, remove the battery and battery clock.
    7. Insert the USB stick in the USB port (in my case i insert it in the left side, couse in the right it wouldn't work)
    8.Once i have inserted the USB, I press the END key and plug the power cord, the laptop start itself and the USB mem start to work, then i realease the END key and the Laptop after 30 seconds restart and ......
    VOILA!!! it WORKS!!!

    I sincerly thanks everybody and hope that my experience can be helpful.