DMICFG locked DMI as read-only?

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    I used dmicfg.exe (in pure dos from boot floppy) to edit dmi table of the Intel/AMI BIOS on an intel
    D815EEA motherboard. Wanted to set oem as Gateway.

    It uses Intel 80802 FWH device.

    Evidently It was a success, however, I noticed I mispelled Gatway (forgot the "y") now it says "GATWA" without quotes.

    I ran dmicfg again, but now I can't change the Manufacturer.
    Dmicfg pops up "ERROR! Problem with operation, DMI is read-only.

    I researched the 82802 FWH, and know which pins are reset, etc. but nothing worked by shorting (with 10k resistor) the rst# pin to Vil (if high, resets the lock-bits to 0F,or access all), if Vil is low, then read only.

    Question is, did dmicfg set it as read-only, or not?

    Anyone know how to reset it with software?
    Or jumping?

    It is soldered, or I'd stick it in my burner.
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    Hmm. IMO dmicfg is too old to work properly at newest bioses. At my case it wrote the DMI entry, but it wasn't persistent.

    A fullflash of original bios with clear cmos and "Load Default/Optimized Settings" should do the job.

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