Gigabyte "K8N Ultra-9" BIOS SATA fix/help/mod

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    Few years ago I buyed old "GA-K8N Ultra-9" motherboard which worked, excepts sata slots. Yeasterday I want to try again to make it work and after hours and days searching for the solution to be able this MB to detect in bios my two SATA2 HDD's (Seagate 320GB, WD 160GB) I read DoZe2 post on: wimsbios com forum/depth-high-tech-bios-section-f37/award-bios-editing-t8336.html and I think maybe the problem is in the obsolete software/bios version of the Silicon Image sil 3114 controller. I tried every possible combination in bios - disable/enable ide-ata-sata channels, change "SATA RAID-5" option to "ATA", bios reset, swap SATA channels, switch SATA cables, with absolute no luck, no matter what I trying! I think this MB is cursed. Even the MB stuck/freeze in post menu when select all RAID options to enable with F9D bios. Bios version is the latest - "F9D" on the main bios and F3 on the dual bios.

    This MB is with dual Bios, when I clear CMOS, dual bios automatically switch other Bios chip, whose operate with F3 bios version and during post screen, RAID menu appear automatically with some basic info and show me 5.1.39 for SIL 3114 and Nvidia nvraid 4.84 if I'm not mistaken. I don't know what is the version of SIL 3114/NVRAID on F9D bios, because with F9D bios, nowhere appear/show the RAID menu with versions. So my question is - whether someone can help me, or I must contact Mr. DoZe2? I'm not familiar with bios modding/editing and if I try to mod the bios by myself, I'm 90% sure that I will brick the bios/motherboard totally. My English is not good, sorry for that, hope you find out what I wrote.

    P.S. Mobo is so old, damaged capacitors and so on, It's not worth tо be repaired. No more help needed.
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    look for OPROM replacement .. i think tqhoang did similar in dell bios.
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    Sorry, I didn't see the update to the OP.

    If you're still interested, we can mod the BIOS and replace the Silicon Image 3114 OROM with the latest available.
    - SATARAID v5.5.0.0
    - SATALink v5.5.0.0