HP Insyde BIOS recovery steps.

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    Is it possible to Flash modified Bios using This Method? I have HP DV6 with I5 2410M.
    I can Flash original HP Bios using This Method, but Not Donovan6000 mod (https://forums.mydigitallife.net/th...5068-donovan6000-mods-microcode-update.77793/).
    I want to modify it myself, by adding a Module to it. I can't add it to Bin file (entcrypted) to Flash with insydeflash, but i can add it to DEC file, but can't Flash the decrypted DEC file with insydeflash, and This recovery Flash gives me an error, because Signature...
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    I had to use the recovery method described on the first post here, but IIRC I wasn't able to do it from a USB stick. The USB stick was getting disconnected since the USB controller was getting reset as part of the flash process.

    Just going by memory, I had to boot my original HP formatted hard drive and put the files into the hidden drive partition (should have the directory structure Hewlett-Packard/Bios/Current). Then follow the recovery process in the first post here.

    If you get it to work, please let us know.
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    I'm trying to update BIOS to the latest version on my working HP Elitebook 850 G1 laptop (Win10) off of the Firmware Management on the Diagnostics UEFI partition on the notebook SSD. I see the current BIOS L71_0148.bin in the EFI|HP\BIOS\Current folder and tried to update it to L71_0149.bin, but the flash was aborted with an error " the .bin file cannot be validated." Obviously, I need a .sig file in the Current folder. Do you know how to create one or do you happen to know any websites? Thanks.
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    I wonder if anyone can help please? I have an HP Pavilion X2 detachable laptop (10-n000na) and was trying to reinstall windows 10 the latest build 20h2. It got stuck at the formatting bit and tried to delete partitions but it won't do it, tried using different versions of windows using a USB flash drive or USB Disk drive but still won't do it and the system diagnostic says the BIOS application is corrupt. I tried to flash the BIOS using a USB flash drive but when I try the key combination like Window key + B or Window + V Or any other key combination but nothing happens and searched so much for this but can't find a solution. Do you know how to get it to flash the BIOS please?
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    Alright I've got a weird one.
    It's an HP G62-b20SW with i3 350M and Intel HD.
    I got 01439.fd.DEC and .sig, both renamed to 01439.fd and 01439.sig.
    I can't boot it, even after pressing Windows+B. But sometimes I get CMOS Battery Alert, since I disconnected my CMOS Battery.
    After Pressing Enter to reboot my system, I get the same thing. Two Caps-Lock blinks.
    Anyone knows what could be the issue here?
    I'm almost certain it's not a reflow thing, since everything worked great until I flash custom BIOS.
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    when u run the exe some version it creates usb recovery.. that can be used.
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    try different version.. change OS to win 7 and such in hp site and check previous version #
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    Ladies and gents, esteemed community members. A cry for help from here, in exasperation. Here are the particulars of my case:

    About a week or so ago I experienced BIOS corruption and CMOS errors 501/502 on my HP dv6tqe laptop (bricked).
    The machine shipped with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit and features the 2nd gen. (SandyBridge) Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU with a 1 GB discrete Radeon 6700M GPU and 6 GB RAM. I upgraded this to 12 GB, utilizing the 4 GB stick from the original config + an additional 8 GB. Also, I subsequently opted to "upgrade" the machine to run Windows 10 Home 64 Bit.

    Device specifics:
    Cust. Model dv6t-6100,
    Rev.: 1657-110
    PCID: 058xx-xxxxx-..

    I cannot boot the laptop and am experiencing the blank screen with no GUI or means of interaction. I get two long caps lock blinks in a row, then short pause, then repeats. I use this machine for my professional work, so this is a rather unfortunate situation.
    I have endeavored to follow Post #1 by @LatinMcG to the letter and also referenced posts #655, 656. #372 to name a few:

    1) Formatted a USB stick both as FAT32 and FAT16 (default), naming it HP_Tools. (From a desktop alternative)
    2) Downloaded and executed HP UEFI Support Environment (SP54668) to create the HP_Tools UEFI boot USB stick.
    3) Find System Board ID in the bios. Bricked, but device specifics under battery indicate Rev. 1657-110.
    4) Obtain latest BIOS update for your laptop. Done. Using SP55068 (but have also downloaded SP53216, SP54024. 53112)
    5) Run Phoenixtool on the bios you wish to recover. Done, albeit I am unsure whether I ran Phoenixtool with the correct modifiers/parameters. I will clarify further on this as needed. The output files were 01658.Bin.Dec and RSA.Sig. As an alternative, I used @LatinMcG's SP55068 output files from Post #656.
    6) Place both of these files on the usb stick at Hewlett-Packard/Bios/Current. Done.
    7) Change file names to match Rev.#: 01658.Bin.DEC-> 01657.BIN; RSA.SIG -> 01657.SIG. Done.
    8) (Disconnect battery and power adapter,) Plug in the USB stick, hold Win + B, (Connect power) and Power On. Done.
    9) Wait for system to flash. Does not seem to happen. USB is definitely accessed and is running with indicator light blinking in various cycles, but no cigar it appears.
    Have tried numerous iterations over the past week, using Phoenixtool generated files, LatinMcG's output file from the same as indicated above, using FAT32/16, with SSD, CMOS battery connected/disconnected, 12 GB RAM, 4 GB RAM (have not tried 2 GB only).

    What am I missing?

    Thank you in advance!
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    time to get ch341a programmer...