HP Insyde BIOS recovery steps.

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    Is it possible to Flash modified Bios using This Method? I have HP DV6 with I5 2410M.
    I can Flash original HP Bios using This Method, but Not Donovan6000 mod (https://forums.mydigitallife.net/th...5068-donovan6000-mods-microcode-update.77793/).
    I want to modify it myself, by adding a Module to it. I can't add it to Bin file (entcrypted) to Flash with insydeflash, but i can add it to DEC file, but can't Flash the decrypted DEC file with insydeflash, and This recovery Flash gives me an error, because Signature...
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    I had to use the recovery method described on the first post here, but IIRC I wasn't able to do it from a USB stick. The USB stick was getting disconnected since the USB controller was getting reset as part of the flash process.

    Just going by memory, I had to boot my original HP formatted hard drive and put the files into the hidden drive partition (should have the directory structure Hewlett-Packard/Bios/Current). Then follow the recovery process in the first post here.

    If you get it to work, please let us know.