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    I do think there should be more restrictions on guns. And more education/training should be required for those who purchase them. Or even look to Australia's laws as a model and require licenses for ownership.

    Many people own guns primarily for hunting also.

    Just to be clear, I own three guns: a pump-action shotgun, a semi-auto rifle and a small revolver for target practice. The only reason I bought those first two guns was that a friend years ago was selling them for a good price.

    I never even fired the rifle for a long time until a few years ago when other friends starting getting their own guns and we started going to the range or the desert for target practice. I'm not a gun nut, but I do own guns.

    I realize you have strong feelings on this topic, Yen, and I thank you for allowing this discussion to happen. I thought the thread might get removed and I even had a concern of being banned because of this topic.

    I originally saw this thread and jumped in to offer my views since I live in an area that's a little different in regards to gun laws and recently seems to be reverting back to more of a "Wild West" mentality on guns since laws here are just getting more lax.
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    I honestly feel where I live is a safe place. I hear sometimes stories about home burglaries around...but not there where I live exactly.

    Also when I travel through S/E Asia there was never a threatening situation.

    Once we had a party outside with BBQ and beer some 10 kilometres away from my home and some idiots with baseball bats came and wanted to have a fight....
    Most of the people just ran away....I did not and continued to drink my beer. :D
    Suddenly one of them came to me and yelled towards me: "I think you need bashing!!!!" I smiled and said No, not me..just turn around maybe there is someone else..I pointed with my finger away from me....I raised my glass and said cheers.
    Then another one of them came and took the one away....lol...they left me alone.

    Maybe just good luck maybe not...
    I think most of fear is in our mind. The media are full of horrifying stories. Compared to real situations which concern us personally bad feelings mostly come from imaginations of future bad situations which might happen.
    One needs to find a good balance of taking care of oneself and levity...
    It's actually 'enough' to get concerned about the moment of a situation and not about thoughts of a future bad situation. I know it is not easy...I also have bad thoughts about the future..sometimes.

    I like to get info how other people think about that and I want to know something personal and how are laws at different places. I like to exchange opinions.
    When I came back from my trip (Vietnam / Thailand) I saw this thread and contributed. When I travel it is also important to me to get in touch with local people just to talk.

    BTW: I met an US citizen. He lives in Thailand for 14 years alone in a small bungalow on a small island close to a fantastic bay....he was a teacher and has moved a lot in his life. He's 74 and still freediver. A very interesting person I loved to talk about politics and 'common' things of life. :)

    I frequently post at the discussion section. And there is no objection when the threads are going in a nice and respectful manner. :)

    Thanks to everybody sharing the thoughts and opinions. :)
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