Lenovo c100 bios 1.05

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  1. jonno

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    Nov 30, 2011
    I bought a wireless n mini pci card and of course it doesn't work because of the whitelist thingy (I have never looked into a BIOS before so please bear with me).
    I have Googled for ages and been trying to use various tools to hack the INSYDE bios but for instance ezh20 needs a file with a .fd extension (I think). The BIOS package from Lenovo has a .ROM extension and EZh2o can't see it.

    I have found the ID by putting the card in at the boot prompt and already have the old card ID. What I need to do is unpack the old BIOS somehow but either I am using the wrong tools or Lenovo have some sort of proprietorial ROM which can't be seen.

    Its a pity because I want the new card to grab files from my network storage and it is much better but obviously I can't leave my laptop in bits just to keep plugging it in and out.

    Anyone able to help?

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    Please post a link to your BIOS the current ID and the ID of the card to be replaced to have a look
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  3. jonno

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    Nov 30, 2011
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    I have the following from the cards

    Fitted Broadcom - PCI\VEN_168&DEV_0029&SUBSYS_2091168C&REV_1

    Atheros N to be fitted - PCI\VEN_14E&DEV_4319&SUBSYS004A14E4&REV_02

    And the bios can be found at

    Hope this suffices

    PS downloading and opening the file only results in unzipping the files to C and won't try to install the bios onto a system