Linux Parental Controls???

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    Mar 1, 2012
    Let me say this once again, I really didn't think or want to open a debate about what is right or wrong with parental controls but if doing this help us all to better a society that(IMHO) has gone totally astray. In my case and just incase u didn't read my Long response, my Kids are 4 and 2 and new One on the Way :yeahyeah::fireworks::mauridia::kicking::mauridia::kicking::fireworks:(and These are for my Wife: :flowers2: even though I know

    she doesn't see this) and when they are older, then I hope the the lessons, the talks, the warnings, the consequences for bad behavior, the time spent with them in the real world, nature or away from the computer and any other technical devices and finally the complete and Undeniable LOVE that I have for them now and forever will help then make the best decisions in life. But at 2 and 4(and even though they are so young, they already know their way around technology. I have most of all new types of technologies out today[Like stated earlier, I work in the Tech industry and also enjoy all that stuff], Both my kids are have an the DS systems, Wii, iPad, there own iMac(boot camp w/winz 7[Thanx DAZ….:D]) and much more to list now and with all my trying to protect them, I have caught them viewing things on YouTube that there 6 yr old cousin found(don't know if by himself or friends at school shown him) misbehaven video's that I wouldn't recommend them doing themselves. I have also caught them hiding under the bed view silly stuff but what got me is that they are trying to hide from me to see that stuff… I understand that I can be with them 24/7 but try and teach them well when they are young and don't suffer the consequences later…. IF after all of this, It blows up in my face, so be it but I don't want to have the regrets of never having tried at all.

    Referring to the TRUST issue, I'd rather have respect than their trust. I believe if you have respect, than the trust is a given. I'm their parent not their Friend and Respect is something I'm striving above all….
    No monitoring going on, simply restricting what they can reach and see…. I have not yet turned on type of controls yet but I'd rather know about them now and be ready(if needed) than racing to find the right one when needed….

    If you don't mind me asking but How Old R U, and do u have any kids? I think that would clarify what side of this issue your on….(if no answer given, no big deal but would give a lot of insight on where you are coming from)….

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    Congrats becoming father the third time. :)

    I accept your opinion and it shouldn't become a discussion about the right way to educate.

    But I cannot resist to comment this (sounds a bit cruel): "I'd rather have respect than their trust. I believe if you have respect, than the trust is a given. I'm their parent not their Friend and Respect is something I'm striving above all…. "

    My meaning of respect is another one.

    True respect comes from appreciation and trust and not from determining a hierarchy. This is my experience. To become respected is hard work and not a result of a title.

    I am their parents not their friend---> to rely on hierarchy is not a way to gain respect, it's obedience caused by fear.
    Does one respect another because he has just a higher 'rank' which he enforces? When they hit puberty you'll know it at the latest. :D (I don't say you never need to enforce your position being parents, I only think it has nothing to do with respect).

    There is no particular rule for success regarding education, or: many ways lead to success / failure. :biggrin:
    Why not be parents and be friends?
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    Jul 27, 2012
    As for Linux i will recommend it is best parental control service you can also try demo once.

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    Jan 20, 2009
    hmmm logging back after a long time!!!!!!!!
    sorry i am too broke to offer 2 cents or 2 paisa (INR since i'am an indian). well here it goes anyway.
    if kids in your block use linux, any distro, then prolly they are way quicker than you are. they perhaps would have a hole/tunnel to get what they want.
    linux turns a slow coach to light speed goods train.
    sorry you loose.
    why i said "**because if you must accomplish this**" then you need to understand linux and security and hardening concept in detail. no offense taken/given, being a mac user is like being using a many hand used comdom, than brag for it. no offense again.
    to do this you need these! and for this you need to completely ditch mac and windows.
    step #1. harden the base system/systems.
    step #2. harden router.
    step #3. use NIDS (network intrusion detection system) on server/servers viz snort
    step #4. use NIPS (network intrusion prevention system) i.e. NIDS + suricata + iptables + psad + portsentry on server/servers.
    step #5. use HIDS (host intrusion detection system) on server/servers viz. samhain/tripwire/et al HIDS ossec hids is also good.
    step #6. use HIPS (host intrusion prevention system) on server/servers viz. selinux/tomoyo/grsec/pax/apparmor et al.
    step #7. use good loggin mechanism on server/servers.
    step #8. use good encryption tools for these bios/hdd/software/boot-loaders (eg grub/grub2/syslinux/extlinux) try to pick twofish/blowfish encryption
    step #9. use good packet filtering and also implement decent layer7 mechanism so packet flow is smooth.
    step #10. use layer 2 filtering ;-) on yeah this been my fav, because i am still trying and HLBR is such a biyatch! ;-) still no success with HLBR (learning stage in progress)
    step #11. man -k man my man, a man is a man's best friend.
    step #12. evade or ban yourself from common idiosyncracies. like installing non-free softwares/prop softwares, you never know wtf is inside. :-D
    step #13. unlucky 13 indeed, do auditing as much as you can. do system accounting as much as you can, read as much as you can. thats why its unlucky 13. this is linux/unix/bsd i.e. open source. the power is given to you and its upto you to use it. let the force be with you.
    step #14, have static firewall rules, or dynamic ones with fwsnort. and keep sharing the fwsnort or oinkmaster snort rules with other snort based/deriv softwares. and generate relevent rules. and if you want to be more strict you can use snort rules with AI (artificial intelligence), yes there is one look up.
    so, to conclude, there is no quick fix in linux my friend. you need to RTFM, STFG/STFI/STFW, be calm & patient & optimistic and opportunistic. if you can do all these, then you got a cool system, where you can know inside out about the system.
    do also audit the source code, sometime the custom distro ships with s**tload of stuffs with chews your system resources. allocate minimal load for each server. dont club them up all in one go. if its not a laptop, one server designed for one specific task. avoid using virtualization for specific tasks, start with barebones. yes this does mean more investment. when you want something like this? there is no short cut bud.
    this mail is/was old, i am still replying. not to discourage you but to make sure, if someone plans to do the same in future, he/she can use this as a blue print and then can proceed as per wish and do what he/she wants. but you need to have a good understanding of linux/unix/bsd and networking and security and encryption before you proceed. else its a work not even half but quarter done.
    and why i am here, logged back after more than 2 years, my thinkpad t410 got the wwan card from toshiba, and i am too friggin lazy to whitelist the bios, so i got the bios from the site which only removes the white list. since the work was heavy. i tried to help with whatever little i can/could and did what i should do.
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    Smells a little unfriendly! He posted in the right part.
    By the way, nice to meet you, I am new here.