MDL policy change. [STEP1]

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    As mentioned already on 18/03/2015 MDL will change its policy of contents.
    The changes are required due to change of situation concerning DMCA complaints.

    No more additional threads/posts containing download links and/or torrents of M$ products. Original public download links of M$ themselves can be still posted.
    This applies to ANY M$ application and any new posts at MDL.

    The members who have threads with magnets/torrents/links for windows10 yet can still provide new official public contents / can update their threads with them. They can keep the present contents for now, but must not update it with unofficial releases.

    To filter posts/contents for unregistered.

    These are the first measures effective for now/will be realized at weekend.
    Further steps will be announced and applied when ready.

    02/04/2015 Yen (Administrator)
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