Modbin 2.01.02 and weird problem with it

Discussion in 'Windows XP / Older OS' started by trodas, Jan 22, 2008.

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    About modbin : There are a lot of issues by using modbin.
    Reason: All the bios programmer don’t care much about the bios specifications and the structure of the bios modules is changing permanently!

    It depends on how old your bios is and which company has programmed it.
    “Latest” modbin is quite old and cannot of course handle all Award bioses.

    Known issues to me:
    -crashes to desktop after opened a bios
    -crashes to desktop while saving the changes
    -made changes and saved, but NO effect
    -made changes and saved, after that I’ve got a corrupted bios, not able to flash.
    -made changes and saved, after flashed it, it resulted to a bricked mobo….

    Some areas at systembios and some changes are not allowed to do with modbin, even if you trying it, the original values are restored!!!!

    This is because some OEM’S restricted it!!!!!!

    But there is another tool for Award bios called cbrom . This tool is easy available and the latest version is from Oct. 2007.

    You have to know to circumvent this restriction!!! You have to know about tailing bytes.

    You can edit it manually directly AT physical memory, OR you can use modbin in combination with cbrom / hexeditor and if needed IDA pro.

    Cbrom isn’t able to extract / edit the systembios directly so you have to know how the structure of the Award bios is working.

    If you want you may send me the original bios and tell me what exactly you want to change again and I’ll give it a try!
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