modded my bios. questions before I flash

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by indabox, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. indabox

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    Sep 28, 2007
    Just wanted to have you guys look this over to see if the bios I modded looks ok before I flash it to the MB **Bios is for an older board Abit BD7-II RAID**

    1.) I used the "Cbrom mybios.bin /ISA ISA.bin" command to insert the HP ISA.BIN file into my bios. (Used HP because I already made a HP OEM BOOT DVD)

    This is what showed on the screen
    cbrom mybios.bin /ISA ISA.BIN
    cbrom V1.82 [04/11/07] (C)Phoenix Technologies 2001-2007
    Adding ISA.BIN 75.7%

    does this mean it only added 75.7% of the ISA.BIN file?

    2.) I then used "CBROM mybios.bin /D" to check if the info was there and this is what came up.

    ******** mybios.bin BIOS component ********

    No. Item-Name Original-Size Compressed-Size Original-File-Name
    0. System BIOS 20000h(128.00K) 13FFBh(80.00K) 6A69VA1L.BIN
    1. XGROUP CODE 0C240h(48.56K) 088D5h(34.21K) awardext.rom
    2. CPU micro code 07800h(30.00K) 076D7h(29.71K) CPUCODE.BIN
    3. ACPI table 0435Fh(16.84K) 01B28h(6.79K) ACPITBL.BIN
    4. EPA LOGO 0168Ch(5.64K) 002AAh(0.67K) AwardBmp.bmp
    5. YGROUP ROM 06570h(25.36K) 03453h(13.08K) awardeyt.rom
    6. GROUP ROM[ 0] 034A0h(13.16K) 01929h(6.29K) _EN_CODE.BIN
    7. PCI ROM[A] 0C000h(48.00K) 06FDDh(27.97K) c:\bios\addrom\hptbios\BIOS372.232
    8. PCI ROM 0D000h(52.00K) 07C53h(31.08K) c:\bios\addrom\lanbios\RTSROM_M.LOM
    9. ISA ROM[1] 00400h(1.00K) 0032Ah(0.79K) ISA.BIN

    Total compress code space = 4B000h(300.00K)
    Total compressed code size = 39A4Fh(230.58K)
    Remain compress code space = 115B1h(69.42K)

    ** Micro Code Information **
    Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID | Update ID CPUID
    PGA478 14 0F0A | SERVER 01 0F00 | SERVER 04 0F01 | SERVER 0A 0F04
    SERVER 07 0F05 | SERVER 12 0F07 | SERVER 13 0F0A | SERVER 2A 0F12
    PGA478 2E 0F12 | PGA478 01 0F21 | PGA478 08 0F23 | PGA478 18 0F24
    PGA478 05 0F13 | PGA478 05 0F25 | PGA478 33 0F27 | PGA478 11 0F29

    Does this look ok to flash to the board or did adding the ISA fail? Also is this MB too old?

    i have a 3ghz P4 HT and 2 gigs of DDR ram in the system so it should run vista ok. And yes i know its old, but its my old mans pc and he wants to use vista....

  2. Fzeven

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    May 8, 2007
    It looks ok, you can try to flash it.
  3. MrGalaxy

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    Sep 29, 2007
    Where I can read about the ISO-method of patching BIOS for Vista activation?:confused:
    There is no searching filter in this forum, so I couldnt find it myself.:(
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    May 6, 2007
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  5. indabox

    indabox MDL Novice

    Sep 28, 2007

    Abit BD7II-RAID
    BIOS Modded to add HP SLIC
    Windows Vista ACTIVATED!!
    Thanks to all the great info I found on this forum!!

    I can post a copy of the bios I modded if anyone else needs it.
  6. honey163

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    Oct 31, 2010
    i am using vista64 with timer cracker