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    Jun 23, 2007
    I have a Compaq Presario V3020us laptop that I purchased almost a year ago that came with XP Pro on it. That last BIOS someone on this board tried to modd for me bricked my laptop so I had to revert to the Phoenix BIOS Recovery floppy to reflash with an older un-modded bios. When I think I found one inserting the Cert and HP/CPQ Key did not activate. From what I have read on this board and KezNews it sounds like a lot of HP/CPQ Laptops any maybe desktops only have Half the SLIC table in it. Acording to EVERST I do not see a RSDT table (if I recall).

    So My question is, Is there any way of creating the missing SLIC table by adding it? I was trying to avoid using softmod If I can.

    Has anyone been able to Modd a Phoenix BIOS for HP/Compaq Laptops?

    Im dieing to get this BIOS Modded so I can install Vista without a softmod.


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    May 6, 2007
    I managed working mods of HP laptops already...but....
    each HP/CPQ bios is different...

    Containing a half SLIC table means: There is a full SLIC in bios. You will see it after decomp with PBE. BUT only the first half of it is mapped into memory.
    The second half are FF or 00 bytes.
    There is a SLIC table with correct length indicated with everest or AcpiScope (the better tool to analyze). A look on the hex dump of table shows you a half slic.
    This issue is a result of mapping FF or 00 bytes over the second half of SLIC using romholes. There could be some other difficulties as well. Locked OEM ID'S.......
    Phoenix bios mods result most bricked boards.....I don't know the reason, IMO it's because the different OEM'S that programms bioses don't think much of bios / ACPI specifications.

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