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    Hello everyone,

    I am new here but am a HP & IBM tech, so I should have a little to offer the community.

    I came here today looking for some threads on BIOS editing but am having some issues.

    My employer would like to add asset tag # to every PCs BIOS. Is there a way to get the IBM BIOS disk to prompt for a asset tag? or do you know an easier way to get the asset tag into the bios?

    I have successfully used ITK (Intel Integrator Toolkit) to script a simple windows based app that asks for tag and adds to BIOS but will only work with actual Intel boards not on the Lenovo/IBM boards.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    I assume you are asking about Phoenix bios since your title is about winphlash.
    ITK is for Intel EFI bios. Asset tag, you mean like a special label "tatoo" at the DMI area to identify each pc? Strings?

    Phlash16, the corresponding DOS application, has got a lot of useful commands to do that.

    Check this:

    To be honest, I've never heard of "asset tag" ... please correct me if I'm wrong..

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    Asset tag is just a bar code sticker that goes on each PC. Basically a 7 digit number.

    In ITK we created files that simply ask for "asset tag" in a windows cmd prompt and it adds it to the Chassis info in the BIOS. Problem is this will work on custom PCs but will not work on IBM/Lenovo PCs. Also, we are talking 400-500 PCs, so I would like to keep it windows based, so we arent spending 5-10 minutes at each PC. Even with ITK though we need a different file set for each model motherboard. The files dont work on all 865s, for example I successfully added info on a 865GLC but the same files wont work on a 865ABC

    I tried
    Phlash16 /DCS: (asset tag)

    but I believe you must extract the BIOS, edit then reflash.

    Phoenix WinPhlash Utility for DOS - Version 1.4. Build 59a
    USAGE: PHLASH16 [options] [@rspfile] [romfile]
    romfile Override the default BIOS image name BIOS.WPH with "file".
    @rspfile Response file containing more options
    /A:n 32 bit address where to put the File Image.
    /B:file Override the default BIOS image name BIOS.WPH with "file".
    /BBL Program boot block.
    /BU[=name] Backup flash memory into BIOS.BAK before programming.
    If "name" specified, override the default filename BIOS.BAK.
    /C Clear CMOS checksum after programming.
    /CS Verify BIOS.WPH image checksum.
    /DMC:string Specify chassis manufacturer DMI string.
    /DMM:string Specify motherboard manufacturer DMI string.
    /DMS:string Specify system manufacturer DMI string.
    /DOxx:string Specify OEM DMI string number xx.
    /DPC:string Specify chassis product ID DMI string.
    /DPM:string Specify motherboard product ID DMI string.
    /DPS:string Specify system product ID DMI string.
    /DSC:string Specify chassis serial number DMI string.
    /DSM:string Specify motherboard serial number DMI string.