Optimize-Offline Guide - Windows Debloating Tool, Windows 1803, 1903, 19H2, 1909, 20H1 and LTSC 2019

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by KedarWolf, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. KedarWolf

    KedarWolf MDL Addicted

    Mar 17, 2016

    5.83 GB (6,268,649,472 bytes)


    3.85 GB (4,137,525,514 bytes)


    1.86 GB (2,003,351,588 bytes)
  2. KedarWolf

    KedarWolf MDL Addicted

    Mar 17, 2016

    I'm having a problem I've never had before.

    With the latest commit, if I change Services to None and run the GUI, it changes it to Advanced and then tries to set all the services in the Windows ISO to their default settings and the script takes a really long time to complete.

    I also tried to remove all the services from the jsons, doesn't help.
  3. gdeliana

    gdeliana MDL Senior Member

    Oct 2, 2010
    GUI only works in advanced mode for the services. The rest of the problem i cannot replicate, need more details.
    It can be that before you had manually the services in list mode, when you switched to GUI, the list got ignored as it went to advanced mode, and therefore the services got their default values. Try resetting the services by hand in the GUI. Is not so good switching always from script to GUI atm.
  4. KedarWolf

    KedarWolf MDL Addicted

    Mar 17, 2016
    Removing the services from the lists seems to work now.

    At first, for some reason, it never.
  5. gdeliana

    gdeliana MDL Senior Member

    Oct 2, 2010
    This should be fixed, test it with latest master :)
  6. KedarWolf

    KedarWolf MDL Addicted

    Mar 17, 2016

    Can you have it when we cancel the GUI it unmounts everything.

    Right now it just stops the script and I need to reboot before I can use the unmount script, it doesn't work unless I reboot first.

    Oh, the USB creation is working now!

    Thank you!!
  7. gdeliana

    gdeliana MDL Senior Member

    Oct 2, 2010
    It should work the unmounting by default, for me i never had problem with the script leaving mounted isos
  8. KedarWolf

    KedarWolf MDL Addicted

    Mar 17, 2016
    I started the script, let it mount everything, start removing stuff, canceled it.

    It never unmounted anything. Ran the unmounting script, and it finished.

    Now the script says this, won't go away until I reboot and run the unmounting script again.

    Active mount points detected. Performing clean-up.
    Exporting media from "22624.1555.230329-0111.NI_RELEASE_SVC_PROD1_CLIENTIOTENTERPRISE_OEMRET_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO"
    Supported Image Build: [22624]
    Mounting Windows 11 IoT Enterprise
    Edit: I ran the unmounting script again, now working without rebooting.
  9. gdeliana

    gdeliana MDL Senior Member

    Oct 2, 2010
    Ok will try to patch it during the weekend
  10. gdeliana

    gdeliana MDL Senior Member

    Oct 2, 2010
    @KedarWolf Feature added, please test it and let me know
  11. KedarWolf

    KedarWolf MDL Addicted

    Mar 17, 2016
    The CMD dismounting window shows no output and never closes.

    If I manually run the dismounting script I get this error until I reboot and run it again. All Windows Explorer windows are closed.

    Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
    Version: 10.0.22621.1
    Image File : D:\Optimize-Offline-master (2)\Optimize-Offline-master\OfflineTemp_720694017\ImageOffline\install.wim
    Image Index : 1
    Unmounting image
    Error: 0xc1420117
    The directory could not be completely unmounted.  This is usually due to applications that still have files opened within the mount directory.  Close these files and unmount again to complete the unmount process.
    The DISM log file can be found at C:\Windows\Logs\DISM\dism.log
    Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
    Version: 10.0.22621.1
    Unmounting image at D:\Optimize-Offline-master (2)\Optimize-Offline-master\OfflineTemp_720694017\InstallMountOffline
  12. gdeliana

    gdeliana MDL Senior Member

    Oct 2, 2010
    Unfortunately i am only executing the script you gave me, i will only make sure that the output of it gets shown. Also the window stays open on purpose to let you know that the script has finished processing.
  13. Mavericks Choice

    Mavericks Choice MDL Guru

    Aug 5, 2015
    Hi Folks
    I recently have moved premises previously from a wired ethernet connection to wireless, can anyone advise what possible removal in the OO process
    could remove the ability for available wifi networks as ethernet is the only choice? Airplane mode is greyed with no ability to toggle on or off.
    Network discovery is enabled, my wifi card is showing full signal & uses the correct win 10 driver.
  14. ixtapalapaquetl

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    Mar 3, 2008
    #2215 ixtapalapaquetl, Jul 6, 2023
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    1) I would like an install with Defender untouched while still using the "Apply registry tweaks" switch in the GUI. No matter what I do, Output shows the 3 Defender tweaks being applied. I tried a search of this thread and found that @KedarWolf touched on this issue, and the resolution appeared to be don't mess with the .iso with W10UI et al. Even if I use a clean .iso (ie nothing added/removed) from UUP, and then select only "Apply registry tweaks" in the GUI (leaving all else default), the Defender tweaks are still applied. How can I get around this?

    2) Edit: Strikethrough this entire section [The readme has some partial documentation on these registry tweaks in the "About Registry Optimization" section, but it appears there is more going on than what is mentioned - those listed are just "some" of the tweaks according to the author. Is there full documentation anywhere? Even if you could tell me where to look in @gdeliana's code (and the specific file to look at), that would be helpful. My level of sophistication is pretty low, and randomly looking through code has not been fruitful; maybe you could point me in the right direction?]

    Edit: I found Src/Public/Set-RegistryProperties.ps1. I am now completely at a loss as to why Defender is getting removed. The registry tweaks don't touch Defender.

    Is removing Defender even something that I have control over?
  15. drew84

    drew84 MDL Expert

    Mar 13, 2014
    ... haven't been here for a while but, again we have someone turning up here (1 post) and making derogatory remarks about a script that is completely configurable to suit personal needs
    .... if you are prepared to put in the work...

    NOTE: Defender, Defender Firewall and Webview32 are NOW an integral part of Windows OS (Especially 11),... mucking about with this **** will compromise your system... learn how to manage them

  16. ixtapalapaquetl

    ixtapalapaquetl MDL Novice

    Mar 3, 2008
    Sorry mate, I intended no such derogatory remarks. I'm having a hard time figuring exactly what you are referring to, unless it is just me asking the question. In any event, my apologies.
    That's exactly what I am trying to do! I have no coding experience, so it is tough sledding. But I have since my first post found the registry entries I was speculating about, and I am currently trying to parse the relevant section of code that I finally found. I am working. But I'm starting from a considerable hole.
    This is exactly why I asked the question (however inelegantly). When I use seemingly default options, Defender is removed, which strikes me as counter to the very idea you just suggested. So I am trying to learn how to manage this. Didn't mean to cause offense.
  17. drew84

    drew84 MDL Expert

    Mar 13, 2014
    #2218 drew84, Jul 6, 2023
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    I apologise if I came over as answering your post somewhat aggressively....

    This (@GodHand's original) script was originally designed to work on windows 10, @gdeliana has taken it forward (To some extent to cover Windows 11).... but M$ keeps changing the goalposts... (line in the sand)

    .... as with any script, you should first scrutinise the code before running.... don't assume that someone has better knowledge than you..

    you can adjust the script to suit your needs (Comment out parts that you don't want to be applied)

    ... while I have not abandoned this script entirely, I have adopted a policy of downloading OS's from UUp Dump using Custom apps text (To avoid integration of provisioned Apps you don't want/Need)
    and @AveYo's (Has he left MDL?) script to remove unwanted system apps.... all privacy/telemetry/security settings can be applied via $OEMS folder during installation
  18. Mavericks Choice

    Mavericks Choice MDL Guru

    Aug 5, 2015
    Running Module : Optimize-Offline gdeliana-7.1
    Optimize Start : 07/15/2023 09:48:49 AM
    Identity Name  : MC's
    Computer Name  : MC's
    2023-07-15T09:48:49 [INFO]: Supported Image Build: [19045]
    2023-07-15T09:48:52 [INFO]: Mounting Windows 10 Pro
    2023-07-15T09:49:29 [INFO]: Pre-Optimization Image Health State: [Healthy]
    2023-07-15T09:49:34 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: CortanaApp.View.App
    2023-07-15T09:49:36 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.BingWeather
    2023-07-15T09:49:39 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.DesktopAppInstaller
    2023-07-15T09:49:42 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.GetHelp
    2023-07-15T09:49:45 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Getstarted
    2023-07-15T09:49:48 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.HEIFImageExtension
    2023-07-15T09:49:51 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer
    2023-07-15T09:49:54 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MicrosoftOfficeHub
    2023-07-15T09:49:57 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MicrosoftSolitaireCollection
    2023-07-15T09:49:59 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MicrosoftStickyNotes
    2023-07-15T09:50:02 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MixedReality.Portal
    2023-07-15T09:50:05 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.MSPaint
    2023-07-15T09:50:08 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Office.OneNote
    2023-07-15T09:50:11 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.People
    2023-07-15T09:50:14 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.ScreenSketch
    2023-07-15T09:50:17 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.SkypeApp
    2023-07-15T09:50:20 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.StorePurchaseApp
    2023-07-15T09:50:22 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.VCLibs.140.00
    2023-07-15T09:50:24 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.VP9VideoExtensions
    2023-07-15T09:50:27 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Wallet
    2023-07-15T09:50:30 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WebMediaExtensions
    2023-07-15T09:50:32 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WebpImageExtension
    2023-07-15T09:50:35 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Windows.Photos
    2023-07-15T09:50:38 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsAlarms
    2023-07-15T09:50:41 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsCalculator
    2023-07-15T09:50:44 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsCamera
    2023-07-15T09:50:47 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps
    2023-07-15T09:50:50 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsFeedbackHub
    2023-07-15T09:50:52 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsMaps
    2023-07-15T09:50:55 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsSoundRecorder
    2023-07-15T09:50:58 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsStore
    2023-07-15T09:51:01 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Xbox.TCUI
    2023-07-15T09:51:04 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.XboxApp
    2023-07-15T09:51:06 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay
    2023-07-15T09:51:09 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay
    2023-07-15T09:51:12 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.XboxIdentityProvider
    2023-07-15T09:51:14 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.XboxSpeechToTextOverlay
    2023-07-15T09:51:17 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.YourPhone
    2023-07-15T09:51:20 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.ZuneMusic
    2023-07-15T09:51:23 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.ZuneVideo
    2023-07-15T09:51:34 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin
    2023-07-15T09:51:35 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.AccountsControl
    2023-07-15T09:51:36 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.AsyncTextService
    2023-07-15T09:51:37 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.BioEnrollment
    2023-07-15T09:51:38 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.CredDialogHost
    2023-07-15T09:51:39 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.ECApp
    2023-07-15T09:51:40 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.LockApp
    2023-07-15T09:51:41 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge
    2023-07-15T09:51:42 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.MicrosoftEdgeDevToolsClient
    2023-07-15T09:51:43 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Win32WebViewHost
    2023-07-15T09:51:44 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.AddSuggestedFoldersToLibarayDialog
    2023-07-15T09:51:45 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.AppRep.ChxApp
    2023-07-15T09:51:46 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.AppResolverUX
    2023-07-15T09:51:47 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.AssignedAccessLockApp
    2023-07-15T09:51:48 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.CallingShellApp
    2023-07-15T09:51:49 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.CapturePicker
    2023-07-15T09:51:50 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost
    2023-07-15T09:51:51 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager
    2023-07-15T09:51:52 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.FileExplorer
    2023-07-15T09:51:53 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.FilePicker
    2023-07-15T09:51:54 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.NarratorQuickStart
    2023-07-15T09:51:55 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.OOBENetworkCaptivePortal
    2023-07-15T09:51:56 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.OOBENetworkConnectionFlow
    2023-07-15T09:51:57 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.ParentalControls
    2023-07-15T09:51:58 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost
    2023-07-15T09:51:59 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.PinningConfirmationDialog
    2023-07-15T09:52:00 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.Search
    2023-07-15T09:52:01 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.SecHealthUI
    2023-07-15T09:52:02 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.SecureAssessmentBrowser
    2023-07-15T09:52:03 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost
    2023-07-15T09:52:04 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.StartMenuExperienceHost
    2023-07-15T09:52:05 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.XGpuEjectDialog
    2023-07-15T09:52:06 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.XboxGameCallableUI
    2023-07-15T09:52:07 [INFO]: Removing System App: MicrosoftWindows.Client.CBS
    2023-07-15T09:52:08 [INFO]: Removing System App: MicrosoftWindows.UndockedDevKit
    2023-07-15T09:52:09 [INFO]: Removing System App: NcsiUwpApp
    2023-07-15T09:52:10 [INFO]: Removing System App: Windows.CBSPreview
    2023-07-15T09:52:11 [INFO]: Removing System App: windows.immersivecontrolpanel
    2023-07-15T09:52:12 [INFO]: Removing System App: Windows.PrintDialog
    2023-07-15T09:52:15 [INFO]: Applying Windows Maps removal tweak
    2023-07-15T09:52:16 [INFO]: Applying Microsoft Wallet removal tweak
    2023-07-15T09:52:17 [INFO]: Applying Xbox apps removal tweak
    2023-07-15T09:52:18 [INFO]: Applying YourPhone removal tweak
    2023-07-15T09:52:19 [INFO]: Applying Microsoft Edge removal tweak
    2023-07-15T09:52:20 [INFO]: Applying Microsoft BioEnrollment removal tweak
    2023-07-15T09:52:21 [INFO]: Applying SecureAssessmentBrowser removal tweak
    2023-07-15T09:52:22 [INFO]: Applying ContentDeliveryManager removal tweak
    2023-07-15T09:52:23 [INFO]: Applying Defender removal tweak
    2023-07-15T09:52:25 [INFO]: Disabling Defender Start-up and Feature Packages.
    2023-07-15T09:52:31 [INFO]: Removing Windows Biometric Capability: Hello.Face.18967~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:52:36 [INFO]: Removing Windows Biometric Capability: Hello.Face.Migration.18967~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:52:43 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: Windows-Defender-Default-Definitions
    2023-07-15T09:52:48 [INFO]: Importing Custom App Associations.
    2023-07-15T09:52:52 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: App.StepsRecorder~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:52:56 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: App.Support.QuickAssist~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:53:02 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Browser.InternetExplorer~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:53:07 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: DirectX.Configuration.Database~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:53:11 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Language.Handwriting~~~en-US~
    2023-07-15T09:53:16 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Language.OCR~~~en-US~
    2023-07-15T09:53:21 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Language.Speech~~~en-US~
    2023-07-15T09:53:26 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: MathRecognizer~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:53:31 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Media.WindowsMediaPlayer~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:53:38 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.MSPaint~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:53:43 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Notepad~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:53:48 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.PowerShell.ISE~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:53:52 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.WordPad~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:53:57 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: OneCoreUAP.OneSync~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:54:03 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: OpenSSH.Client~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:54:08 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Print.Fax.Scan~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:54:13 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Print.Management.Console~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:54:18 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Windows.Client.ShellComponents~~~~
    2023-07-15T09:54:28 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: MicrosoftWindowsPowerShellV2Root
    2023-07-15T09:54:33 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: MSRDC-Infrastructure
    2023-07-15T09:54:35 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: SmbDirect
    2023-07-15T09:54:38 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: WCF-Services45
    2023-07-15T09:54:40 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: WCF-TCP-PortSharing45
    2023-07-15T09:54:42 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: WorkFolders-Client
    2023-07-15T09:54:47 [INFO]: Enabling Optional Feature: DirectPlay
    2023-07-15T09:54:50 [INFO]: Enabling Optional Feature: LegacyComponents
    2023-07-15T09:54:53 [INFO]: Enabling Optional Feature: Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux
    2023-07-15T09:54:57 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: AarSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:54:58 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: AJRouter, Start: Automatic
    2023-07-15T09:54:59 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: ALG, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:00 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: AppVClient, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:01 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: autotimesvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:02 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: BcastDVRUserService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:03 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: BluetoothUserService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:04 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: BTAGService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:05 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: bthserv, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:06 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: CaptureService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:07 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: CDPSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:08 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: CDPSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:09 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: CDPUserSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:10 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: CscService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:11 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: DevicePickerUserSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:12 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: diagnosticshub.standardcollector.service, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:13 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: diagsvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:14 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: DiagTrack, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:15 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: DoSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:16 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: DsSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:17 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: DusmSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:18 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: FrameServer, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:19 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: HvHost, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:20 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: hvservice, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:21 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: icssvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:22 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: iphlpsvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:23 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: lfsvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:24 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: MapsBroker, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:25 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: MessagingService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:26 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: MixedRealityOpenXRSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:27 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: mrxsmb, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:28 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: NativeWifiP, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:29 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: NcbService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:30 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: NdisTapi, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:31 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: ndiswanlegacy, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:32 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: PcaSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:33 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: PeerDistSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:34 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: perceptionsimulation, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:35 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: PimIndexMaintenanceSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:36 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RasAcd, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:37 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RasAuto, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:38 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RasMan, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:39 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RDPDR, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:40 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RdpVideoMiniport, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:41 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RemoteAccess, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:42 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RemoteRegistry, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:43 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RetailDemo, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:44 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RmSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:45 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: RpcLocator, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:46 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SCardSvr, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:47 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: ScDeviceEnum, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:48 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: scfilter, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:49 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SCPolicySvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:50 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SDRSVC, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:51 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SEMgrSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:52 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: Sense, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:54 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SensorDataService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:55 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SensorService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:56 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SensrSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:57 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SessionEnv, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:58 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SgrmBroker, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:55:59 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SharedAccess, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:00 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SharedRealitySvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:01 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: shpamsvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:02 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SmsRouter, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:03 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SNMPTRAP, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:04 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: spectrum, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:05 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SSDPSRV, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:06 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: stisvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:07 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: SysMain, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:08 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: TabletInputService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:09 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: TermService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:10 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: TroubleshootingSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:11 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: TsUsbFlt, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:12 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: tzautoupdate, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:13 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: udfs, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:14 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: UdkUserSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:15 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: UevAgentDriver, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:16 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: UevAgentService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:17 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: UmRdpService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:18 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: UnistoreSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:19 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: upnphost, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:20 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: VacSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:21 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: VerifierExt, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:22 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: vmicguestinterface, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:23 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: vmicheartbeat, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:24 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: vmickvpexchange, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:25 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: vmicrdv, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:26 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: vmicshutdown, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:27 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: vmictimesync, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:28 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: vmicvmsession, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:29 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: vmicvss, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:30 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WalletService, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:31 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: wbengine, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:32 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WbioSrvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:33 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WdNisDrv, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:34 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WdNisSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:35 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: Wecsvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:36 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: wercplsupport, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:37 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WerSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:38 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WFDSConMgrSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:39 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WiaRpc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:40 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WinDefend, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:41 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WinRM, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:42 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: wisvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:43 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WlanSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:44 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WpcMonSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:45 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: ws2ifsl, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:46 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: WwanSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:47 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: XblGameSave, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:48 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: XboxGipSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:49 [INFO]: Modifying windows service: XboxNetApiSvc, Start: Disabled
    2023-07-15T09:56:50 [INFO]: Setting delivery optimization to bypass mode
    2023-07-15T09:56:52 [INFO]: Applying Optimized Registry Settings.
    2023-07-15T09:56:55 [INFO]: Importing Registry Template: WindowsPhotoViewer.reg
    2023-07-15T09:56:59 [INFO]: Applying Setup Content.
    2023-07-15T09:57:02 [INFO]: Applying System Logo.
    2023-07-15T09:57:05 [INFO]: Importing Registry Template: Additional Tweaks.reg
    2023-07-15T09:57:11 [INFO]: Injecting Driver Packages into Windows 10 Pro
    2023-07-15T09:57:51 [INFO]: Disabling Windows Upgrade
    2023-07-15T09:57:52 [INFO]: Disabling Windows update contacting Microsoft servers
    2023-07-15T09:57:53 [INFO]: Enabling dormant OneDrive fix
    2023-07-15T09:57:54 [INFO]: Setting classic search explorer
    2023-07-15T09:57:56 [INFO]: Disabling Microsoft Teams autostart entry
    2023-07-15T09:57:59 [INFO]: Adding Powershell as trusted installer context menu entry
    2023-07-15T09:57:59 [INFO]: Importing Registry Template: RunAsTi.reg
    2023-07-15T09:58:03 [INFO]: Creating a Package Summary Log.
    2023-07-15T09:58:09 [INFO]: Post-Optimization Image Health State: [Healthy]
    2023-07-15T09:58:12 [INFO]: Saving and Dismounting Windows 10 Pro
    2023-07-15T09:59:41 [INFO]: Rebuilding and Exporting Windows 10 Pro using Maximum compression.
    2023-07-15T10:00:19 [INFO]: Optimizing the Installation Media File Structure.
    2023-07-15T10:00:20 [INFO]: Creating a No-Prompt Bootable Windows Installation Media ISO.
    2023-07-15T10:00:45 [INFO]: Finalizing Optimizations.
    2023-07-15T10:00:46 [INFO]: Optimize-Offline completed in [12] minutes with [0] errors.
    Optimizations Finalized : 07/15/2023 10:00:46 AM
    Guys attempting this on 22H2 using 19045.3269
    Having the start menu critical error occur! If I run the iso without OO it works as expected.
    I have attached my OO log may be something glaring?
    Thanks MC
  19. KedarWolf

    KedarWolf MDL Addicted

    Mar 17, 2016
    You're removing way too much vital stuff that breaks Windows. Search my username and this thread to see my suggested things to remove.

    Here's a log of what works for me.

    Running Module : Optimize-Offline gdeliana-7.1
    Optimize Start : 06/09/2023 12:01:59 AM
    Identity Name  : SYSTEM
    Computer Name  : KEDARWOLF-PC
    2023-06-09T00:01:59 [INFO]: Supported Image Build: [22631]
    2023-06-09T00:02:02 [INFO]: Mounting Windows 11 Pro
    2023-06-09T00:02:44 [INFO]: Mounting Microsoft Windows Setup (x64)
    2023-06-09T00:02:52 [INFO]: Pre-Optimization Image Health State: [Healthy]
    2023-06-09T00:02:57 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Clipchamp.Clipchamp
    2023-06-09T00:03:00 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.BingNews
    2023-06-09T00:03:02 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.BingWeather
    2023-06-09T00:03:05 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Getstarted
    2023-06-09T00:03:07 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.People
    2023-06-09T00:03:10 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.SecHealthUI
    2023-06-09T00:03:10 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Todos
    2023-06-09T00:03:12 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.Windows.Photos
    2023-06-09T00:03:15 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsAlarms
    2023-06-09T00:03:17 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsCalculator
    2023-06-09T00:03:20 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsCamera
    2023-06-09T00:03:22 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsFeedbackHub
    2023-06-09T00:03:25 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.WindowsMaps
    2023-06-09T00:03:27 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.YourPhone
    2023-06-09T00:03:29 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.ZuneMusic
    2023-06-09T00:03:32 [INFO]: Removing Provisioned App Package: Microsoft.ZuneVideo
    2023-06-09T00:03:42 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.ECApp
    2023-06-09T00:03:43 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.LockApp
    2023-06-09T00:03:44 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.AddSuggestedFoldersToLibarayDialog
    2023-06-09T00:03:45 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.CapturePicker
    2023-06-09T00:03:46 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.FileExplorer
    2023-06-09T00:03:47 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.FilePicker
    2023-06-09T00:03:48 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.NarratorQuickStart
    2023-06-09T00:03:49 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.ParentalControls
    2023-06-09T00:03:50 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.PeopleExperienceHost
    2023-06-09T00:03:52 [INFO]: Removing System App: Microsoft.Windows.PinningConfirmationDialog
    2023-06-09T00:03:53 [INFO]: Removing System App: NcsiUwpApp
    2023-06-09T00:03:54 [INFO]: Removing System App: Windows.CBSPreview
    2023-06-09T00:03:56 [INFO]: Applying Windows Maps removal tweak
    2023-06-09T00:03:57 [INFO]: Applying Microsoft Wallet removal tweak
    2023-06-09T00:03:58 [INFO]: Applying YourPhone removal tweak
    2023-06-09T00:03:59 [INFO]: Applying ContentDeliveryManager removal tweak
    2023-06-09T00:04:00 [INFO]: Applying Defender removal tweak
    2023-06-09T00:04:02 [INFO]: Disabling Defender Start-up and Feature Packages.
    2023-06-09T00:04:04 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: Windows-Defender-Default-Definitions
    2023-06-09T00:04:08 [INFO]: Importing Custom App Associations.
    2023-06-09T00:04:11 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: App.StepsRecorder~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:13 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Hello.Face.20134~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:17 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Language.Handwriting~~~en-US~
    2023-06-09T00:04:21 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Language.OCR~~~en-US~
    2023-06-09T00:04:25 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Language.Speech~~~en-US~
    2023-06-09T00:04:28 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Wallpapers.Extended~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:30 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Ethernet.Client.Intel.E1i68x64~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:34 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Ethernet.Client.Intel.E2f68~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:37 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Broadcom.Bcmpciedhd63~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:40 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Broadcom.Bcmwl63a~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:43 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Broadcom.Bcmwl63al~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:46 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwbw02~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:50 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwew00~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:53 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwew01~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:04:56 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwlv64~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:00 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwns64~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:04 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwsw00~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:07 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwtw02~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:13 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwtw04~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:18 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwtw06~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:22 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwtw08~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:26 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Intel.Netwtw10~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:30 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Marvel.Mrvlpcie8897~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:35 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Qualcomm.Athw8x~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:40 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Qualcomm.Athwnx~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:45 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Qualcomm.Qcamain10x64~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:49 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Ralink.Netr28x~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:53 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Realtek.Rtl8187se~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:05:57 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Realtek.Rtl8192se~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:06:01 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Realtek.Rtl819xp~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:06:04 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Realtek.Rtl85n64~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:06:08 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Realtek.Rtwlane~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:06:12 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Realtek.Rtwlane01~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:06:18 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.Wifi.Client.Realtek.Rtwlane13~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:06:22 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: Microsoft.Windows.WordPad~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:06:26 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: OneCoreUAP.OneSync~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:06:30 [INFO]: Removing Windows Capability: OpenSSH.Client~~~~
    2023-06-09T00:06:36 [INFO]: Removing Windows Package: Microsoft-Windows-TabletPCMath-Package~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~10.0.22621.1835
    2023-06-09T00:06:43 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: MicrosoftWindowsPowerShellV2Root
    2023-06-09T00:06:49 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: SmbDirect
    2023-06-09T00:06:52 [INFO]: Disabling Optional Feature: WorkFolders-Client
    2023-06-09T00:07:01 [INFO]: Integrating the Win32 Calculator.
    2023-06-09T00:07:04 [INFO]: Applying Optimized Registry Settings.
    2023-06-09T00:07:08 [INFO]: Importing Registry Template: WindowsPhotoViewer.reg
    2023-06-09T00:07:12 [INFO]: Applying Setup Content.
    2023-06-09T00:07:15 [INFO]: Importing Registry Template: Additional Tweaks.reg
    2023-06-09T00:07:21 [INFO]: Applying Answer File.
    2023-06-09T00:07:26 [INFO]: Injecting Driver Packages into Windows 11 Pro
    2023-06-09T00:08:08 [INFO]: Disabling automatic driver update
    2023-06-09T00:08:09 [INFO]: Enabling dormant OneDrive fix
    2023-06-09T00:08:10 [INFO]: Setting classic search explorer
    2023-06-09T00:08:12 [INFO]: Removing taskbar pinned icons
    2023-06-09T00:08:13 [INFO]: Setting W11 classic context menu
    2023-06-09T00:08:14 [INFO]: Disabling Microsoft Teams autostart entry
    2023-06-09T00:08:15 [INFO]: Disabling virtualization security
    2023-06-09T00:08:17 [INFO]: Adding AMOLED pitch-black theme
    2023-06-09T00:08:17 [INFO]: Importing Registry Template: AMOLED_black_theme.reg
    2023-06-09T00:08:22 [INFO]: Adding Powershell as trusted installer context menu entry
    2023-06-09T00:08:22 [INFO]: Importing Registry Template: RunAsTi.reg
    2023-06-09T00:08:27 [INFO]: Creating a Package Summary Log.
    2023-06-09T00:08:33 [INFO]: Post-Optimization Image Health State: [Healthy]
    2023-06-09T00:08:36 [INFO]: Saving and Dismounting Microsoft Windows Setup (x64)
    2023-06-09T00:08:50 [INFO]: Rebuilding and Exporting Microsoft Windows Setup (x64)
    2023-06-09T00:08:54 [INFO]: Saving and Dismounting Windows 11 Pro
    2023-06-09T00:10:28 [INFO]: Rebuilding and Exporting Windows 11 Pro using Solid compression.
    2023-06-09T00:18:30 [INFO]: Optimizing the Installation Media File Structure.
    2023-06-09T00:18:30 [INFO]: Creating a No-Prompt Bootable Windows Installation Media ISO.
    2023-06-09T00:18:35 [INFO]: Finalizing Optimizations.
    2023-06-09T00:18:35 [INFO]: Optimize-Offline completed in [17] minutes with [0] errors.
    Optimizations Finalized : 06/09/2023 12:18:35 AM