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  1. Trantium

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    Mar 10, 2012
    Hi guys!

    Will i be able to change my RAM settings like the speeds if I unlock the bios? see down below which I downloaded.
    If yes, how am i able to flash it?

    Also i dont have a s3820jp but a s3850nl, with the same mobo and the bios rev is the same for both revisions.
    Will this cause any problems?

    Thanks, all help appreciated.

    • -PC Manufacturer and Model: HP Pavilion Slimline s3820jp CTO Desktop PC
      -Motherboard Manufacturer and Model: Pegatron APX78-BN
      -Bios Revision: 5.12 (sp43067.exe)
      -Bios Type: AMI

      Modified by: NoJuan999
      SLIC: HP-CPC 2.1
      SLP: HP
      Cert: HP
      Modded with AMI SLIC Mod 1.51
      Mod method: SSV3/MMTool

      Modified BIOS:
      HP_Pavilion_s3820jp_APX78-BN_5.12_HP-CPC_SLIC_2.1_SSV3.rar (HP Cert and AFUDOS Included)

      You can make a bootable usb drive using this tool to flash from dos:

      Confirmed Working by chokobanana
  2. Trantium

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    Mar 10, 2012
    No one would like to reply, really?!
  3. Yen

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    May 6, 2007
    To unlock a BIOS is very special. Each BIOS vendor has different module structure. Award, AMI, Phoenix...and different core revisions.
    One has to exactly know how for instance it works to unlock RAM timings at AMI core 7 BIOSES.
    I know only a few methods, but not for AMI.

    MDL is known for developing very special methods and tools (SLIC, SLICTools, own EFI tool, whitelist removal, DSDT mods), we are generally interested in the module layout itself.

    Special unlock methods then are developed by other forums. Most members are members here as well, the admin of bios-mods and kizwan (Phoenix unlock) for instance.

    Have a look here:
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