Questions about SLIC "placeholder" in ASUS AMI BIOS

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by nnaaahh, Oct 17, 2008.

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    you are talking about what I’ve tried and still trying to figure out as well.

    Short answer (I’m busy :))

    1. No
    2. Always use MMtool 3.19mod21 fix it’s able to replace the 1b module and remains the ASUSTEK……… string
    3. use afudos without any additional switches: Afudos /ixxxx.rom (XXXX.rom is your biosname)
    4. without ASUSTEK……. string you are not able to save bios settings or will get some CMOS issues for some reason.

    Since Zhaoliang, the author of the tool isn’t active anymore, I don’t think there is another version of the tool available.

    Zhaoliang has cracked the config lock of first generation (found at Asus P5B, later revisions) byte change 31h21h (this will be done using FC-tool)

    P5Q and newer bioses are using a new generation of config. lock. Offon 7544 has already disassembled it.

    I’m very interested in how to crack the lock as well. But my skills reading disassembled code are very weak…..a real dynamic allocation of SLIC would be perfect.
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    Thanks for the response and pointing me to your post. I didn't know that there was a discussion already going on about this issue. It is difficult to find posts relevant to the FC module using search.