Reasons Why It's Hopeless to Try to Fix Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Blankar_Fragowitz, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Blankar_Fragowitz

    Blankar_Fragowitz MDL Novice

    Sep 10, 2015
    I'm talking to some people who are giving me trouble when I tell them that it's hopeless to fix Windows 10. I did about a month of research, thinking that if I just learned enough, I could get ahead of the spyware, keylogger, privacy destroying aspects of the O/S and be okay and at some point decided that there was no way to win as MS was clearly going to do whatever it wanted to and that all these "fixes" where illusions until MS came along and "fixed" it back the way they wanted it.

    People still believe it's "their" Operating System and that if they tweak something into being disabled, it's going to stay that way. They aren't ready for any of the things I read here for over a month.

    So, I'm asking the people that spend a lot of their time learning how to hack, crack and otherwise disable Microsoft's software (Daz Loader, etc....) to give reasons why Win10 and the new "software as a service" economic model is bad, and in layman's terms why it's spyware, keylogger, malware, etc...

    Also, FYI, this forum is the home of the most effective and easiest way to defeat Microsoft's "lock" on Product Keys, etc... the Daz Loader.
  2. Smorgan

    Smorgan Glitcher

    Mar 25, 2010
    This is where I respond. I have been doing research much longer than you have.

    I am an optimist so the decision on using a new operating system is not in our hands. It is in the hands of the users we are simply giving a means for people to disable the telemetry tracking. Now do you have to learn how to hack apart windows to look at the task scheduler, services, registry keys, etc. No you do not you can do all of this with a script to turn all of it off without having the technical knowledge to see what is going on. The script merely shows you what is going on in a transparent manner as opposed to programs that are closed source.

    Now shush. This issue has been thought over and debated to death we are not going to continue. We have gone over this time and time again.
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  3. mrbbq

    mrbbq MDL Member

    Jul 18, 2015
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    Script. Blocklists. Kill Windows Update for good. Done.
    Now explain how this "research" has revealed something that is going to undo this. There isn't a way they can. Admin your own system properly and there is not a damn thing they can do to bypass it.
    "Hopeless"? Yeah, not so much.
  4. roga

    roga MDL Member

    Aug 12, 2015
    How long do you think your windows is good for without updates?
    The best hacker hole is an unupdated computer. Yours.
  5. roga

    roga MDL Member

    Aug 12, 2015
    Others like me reached the same conclusion weeks ago. Days of research unveil a disturbing trend, Microsoft getting bolder by the day pushing more spyware in its "updates without changelog". Their silence about our complaints prove they are spying. Moving to another operating system like Linux is the only way. Trust me.
  6. manix

    manix MDL Junior Member

    Aug 18, 2012
    Yes, this is why removed Windows 10.
    You can't really fix it in any way, all of these tools are useless and the updates are constantly resetting options.
    It's also not worth it.
  7. Blankar_Fragowitz

    Blankar_Fragowitz MDL Novice

    Sep 10, 2015
    Meaningless and inane drivel. You should stop trying to pretend you know something.

    Anyways, for the non-retarded, I'd appreciate some opinions that start from the fact that MS has stopped selling a license to use a software, and instead will at some point start charging for the service of the software, meaning it's their data and they can do whatever they want with it, to include lying to you and telling you the telemetry is turned off when it's still turned on. Etc... I shouldn't have to spell this out for every single mental midget on the forum. Sony installed a rootkit. That's all anyone needs to know about what an illegal international monopoly is capable of doing. I don't need to hear the nonsensical drool from the people that were kicked off the short bus for being too stupid.

    Here's a bone for the retards to chew on:

    So you check the "Task Scheduler" and clear off a few things and 72 hours later MS puts them back. So how often should an average User be expected to maintain hypervigilance on whether or not MS has put some telemetry, keylogging something-or-other back on the software. I mean they control every single 1 and 0 on the whole operating system, and cheese-dick here thinks that a few registry hacks are going to be a permanent solution. Meanwhile, MS is selling companies like Ubisoft the ability to scrub their (and not your) Win10 machine of any pirated (non-MS) software. If MS can erase Ubisoft's pirated software, they sure as f*** can restore their own to the state they wanted it to be in when it was installed.

    What state is that, some retard might ponder? Well, the one with telemetry and wireless password sharing and keylogging all enabled. That sort of signals MS's intent, doesn't it? Retards don't care. They'd rather blather and drool about stuff they don't know about and believe in their delusion of adequacy. IDGAF. I only want to hear from people that, like me, have the ability to add 2 + 2 and know the answer is 4 no matter how many delusional retards say otherwise.
  8. LiteOS

    LiteOS MDL Expert

    Mar 7, 2014
    Windows 10 is really hard to secure
    there weird dns packets goes out and in
    cant find a way to block them

    however server 2016 preview 3
    is ok
  9. JaguarXJ12

    JaguarXJ12 Guest

    Meh, it is what it is and I don't bother trying to fix it.
    I lost my integrity the day I was born anyway.
  10. Nucleus

    Nucleus MDL Guru

    Aug 4, 2009
    :eek: Wow! And how is your aggression therapy going? Way to go!
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  11. dasag

    dasag MDL Junior Member

    Mar 9, 2014
    yes.. something in the water..

    Meanwhile.. we do our best to stop microsoft spying on us. I have applied most of the fixes recommended in this forum and i assume they work.

    Is therer any proof that personal info is still getting through to microsoft despite all the tweeks.?

    Also is there any real evidence that microsoft is resetting our tweeked settings back to their original state through updates.?
  12. Michaela Joy

    Michaela Joy MDL Crazy Lady

    Jul 26, 2012
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    @Blankar_Fragowitz: 1 + 1 does equal 1

    Let A = B = 1

    A = B

    Now, multiply by A

    A^2 = AB

    Subtract B^2

    A^2 - B^2 = AB - B^2

    Now factor

    (A + B)(A - B) = B(A - B)

    And divide by (A - B)

    (A + B) = B

    QED (?)


    Oh...I almost forgot.

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  13. Yen

    Yen Admin
    Staff Member

    May 6, 2007
    I'd rather say he is suffering from pseudo Schizophrenia = re-appearing as a seemingly other identity.. :)
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  14. M0rriss0n

    M0rriss0n MDL Senior Member

    Sep 17, 2011
    Fix Windows 10?
    I have my Windows 10 running the same way 8.1 runs.
    Disabled all the services you don't need and all the services that spy!
    Replaced Windows Update with Windows Update Mini Tool!
    Don't use Internet Explorer!
    Don't use Edge!
    Disabled Telemetry!
    Denied all the Customer Experience settings!

    I am happy with my system right now!
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  15. Shayne

    Shayne MDL Addicted

    Jul 31, 2009
    Have had updates turned off since 95 so I have a feeling for quite along time. These people that live for updates and think XP is over because there are no more just fool themselves. Run clean msu's if you need them so much.

    Whats an update? There are updates? Appears to be running fine without them.

    Is that not just lovely. Thumbs up to that. I do not understand and therefore I will give up and not try. If all were like that M$ would have an easy time running over the world. Thank you MDL. We also truly appreciate B_F's second post, thumbs up to U. Blocking 90% is better than 0%, I would take 90% in school every time. If they crash us users, using a free OS, than they may just have picked the wrong users to crash, if they are truly looking for adoption, mate.

  16. Mutagen

    Mutagen MDL Addicted

    Feb 18, 2013
    I'm smelling a multiple ID violation.
  17. odiebugs1

    odiebugs1 MDL Expert

    Jul 30, 2015
    I know someone :rolleyes: who has run over 25 games several Ubisoft, and programs from day one of the insider program. Never had one request a license. Just wanted to ask, have you had this happen or are you talking about what MS said which has nothing to do with this and is about service terms are only applied to Microsoft-developed software/games. Still getting Office updates. :biggrin:
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  18. R29k

    R29k MDL GLaDOS

    Feb 13, 2011
    #18 R29k, Sep 10, 2015
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    I agree with the first bit that that OP is saying. It's pointless to try fixing Windows 10, Microsoft clearly don't want you to disable their Windows 10 spyware. If you need to be in a constant fight with the creators of the OS over how you want it to work then I see no point, especially when they try to circumvent what you do. The solution is you either live with the way it works or move on to something else that works the way you want it to work.
  19. Mansome

    Mansome MDL Novice

    Mar 25, 2015
    I dont see why folks are going crazy over this, practically every OS already does this kind of stuff. Its just that Microsoft explicitly spells it out in the EULA. If you are a chrome user google already has this kind of data, if you use GPS on your phone whatever OS for your phone already transmits this kind of data. What makes Windows 10 so different?
  20. blaze007

    blaze007 MDL Novice

    May 11, 2008
    I keep hearing ppl say Ms will enable settings and services after you disable them, but it's been over a month now and everything setting I changed in the first week of installing the OS.

    Can I get the name of these settings and services so I can test this for myself?