Request for original Gateway sx2840 Bios or similar. Not Bios Mod Request.

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    Long story short.

    In my Gateways sx2840 I flashed a modded Bios of an Acer AX3900 which is a clone of my Gateway. The Modded Bios works fine since is the same for both machines

    (If you download the Bios update for the Gatewaysx2840, it is actually the same Bios that you can download from the Acer website for the model AX)

    However, when I flashed the Modded Acer Bios the first time, I realized that the flash utility didn't flash all the blocks over the original bios, so I reflashed the Bios again but this time rewriting all the blocks.

    The PC is working fine as always with all the new features of the unlocked modded bios, but now the Gateway has turned into an Acer PC :eek:. Nothing wrong with it but now it has this ugly Acer logo when I turn it on. And that happened after I flashed all the blocks over the original bios the second time that I did the flash.

    I was wondering is there is some user of the Gateway sx2840/sx2841/sx2850/sx2851 or similar who can make a full back up/dump of his Gateway sx PC that I can use to flash it on my machine so I can get rid of that ugly Acer logo when I turn it on. So I can reflash again my modded bios but this time without rewriting all the blocks.

    plz :worthy: