[Solved] Acer Aspire E1-410 Bios recovery

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    Yesterday a friend brought me this Acer E1-410 notebook, it has a corrupt bios.
    It turns on, fan spins but no video on screen and no post.
    Probably, this is the result of a bad firmware flash.

    This thread has some great info on how to recover from a bad flash.
    The only element missing, however, is the firmware file itself.
    OP never came back, the poster of the solution didn't keep the file, and on Baidu it has been deleted.
    Sad, because this thread isn't even that old.

    Investigating the link posted by LatinMcG, it appears that the .FD downloaded from Acer's website can NOT be directly recovery-flashed.
    The firmware on this system is 8MB, the file size does not match.
    I followed the instructions on the Chinese website to trim the extra parts with help from a hex editor, but after opening the trimmed file with Andy's tool,
    it reported that there was still some extra data.

    The Chinese website requieres registration with a cellphone number. Supposedly to do SMS verification, but the code was never received.
    It's not possible to follow their tutorial without being able to compare with their "backup" firmware and seeing the pictures.

    So, I'm pretty much out of options here. The only thing left to do is to physically replace the firmware chip, in itself an easy task (I have the tools and do simple board repairs)
    but the downside is the delivery time of the chip: One month, maybe more.

    If anyone has a copy of the previously posted 2.05 firmware, it would be most helpful if he/she can upload it somewhere.

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    Make sure your USB stick is formatted as FAT or FAT32. The recovery file name should be "BIOS.FD".

    Also make sure you try other USB ports (if applicable) and lastly try with/without the battery installed.
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    Hi. do you have the e1-410 BIOS v2.05? I was trying to update my bios to enable legacy mode.

    Appreciate your help.