Updating LENOVO from 2.0 to modded 2.1 with a Pre-installed Vista

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by mim3tic, Nov 26, 2009.

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    Quick Question, I have a ThinkPad t60 that came with Vista business x86(slic 2.0 TP-TI Marker). If I upgrade my bios to a Yen modded Thinkpad bios with a different Lenovo Marker, since there is no 2.1 for the TP-TI marker, will this effect the validation of my current Vista Installation?

    I am afraid that if I change the marker it will somehow mess up my current Vista Install from booting properly or being recognized as legit. I eventually Intend to install Windows 7, hence why I want to update the slic to 2.1
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    if you flash slic with same company, your vista will active. i have colection of bios bin 2.1 from lenovo but i didn,t cert 2.1 for it
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    Vista will remain activated if you have at least SP1 installed, since SLIC2.1 is backwards compatible. The Lenovo certificate will fit also since the public key data isn't changed.
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    Yen, can you give me the explanation about my problem.. please.. ? :(