VMware workstation 12 EFI64 DMI/smbios editing

Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by thorias, Aug 30, 2017.

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    Can somebody help me to modifiy/provide guidance on an original vmware workstation efi64.rom file, basically I'd like to input all DMI strings details from a 440bios to the same EFI64 bios (for a win7/win10 os) like serial number, system product name, etc...I was successful in the past doing this with phoenix bios editor but now with efi bios, it's another story (I believe now everything is in smbios...). I had already a look on andy's phoenix bios editor but it's not really "clear" on what to edit/modify in there, I spent many hours to try to figure out something, but I'm out, nothing worked, now that's why I'm asking for help...

    I'd like to be working at the bios level instead of the vmx file editing.
    See attached for the strings or equivalent that I'd like to modify in the EFI file. I'm not asking for any SLIC thingy.

    I'll really appreciate for the help, and I'll be glad to provide some reward for the help provided...

    The EFI file can be found here, it's the unmodified original one: ufile.io/9aztq


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    Why don't you just read first post that explains it ALL -
    VMware Workstation 12.x Pro/Player SLP/SLIC BIOS/EFI Mod
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    There is a general approach for problems like that.

    Check for a current string you want to modify. For instance use RW everything in the particular VM to have a look at the SMBIOS.

    Use AndyP's tool to decompress all the modules and search for the string in any of those modules.
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