What is the meaning of life?

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  1. Mr.X

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    Jul 14, 2013
    Yes that's a very good tv series indeed. Just finished watching the last tenth episode.
  2. Describe Stages of Life ?

    if somebody can flash some light on this . Asked by a Bureaucrat to me years ago .
  3. Joe C

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    Jan 12, 2012
    2 stages...
    first stage your born and the last stage you die
    everything in between is up to you
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    Oct 5, 2011
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    My Answer was :
    Birth Childhood & so on but he said you are going some other way . Just think about it & answer me when you get it correctly .

    Second day when i met him again on last Intell training day :
    He again asked me ; did you get it .

    My Answer was : no Sir . i Havent .
    He then told me : here's what your IQ is - failed.

    He then told me that i am not a capable personell for this Field , Stream Platform.
    I agree with him cuz he is the trainer or else he should have shunt me out with negative marks.

    Last year i again met him in a Inter Diplomat's Discussion at New Jersey & he again asked me the same question ? :(
  6. he told me that he is aksing about stages & i am answering him steps of life .
    Think again & answer a concrete conclusion.
  7. Yen

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    May 6, 2007
    Nothing really important to get....
    What's the benefit to be able to parrot ones self-determined categorizations?
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  8. jennyslate

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    Jan 31, 2020
    Of course, true happiness is the meaning of life. But the definition of happiness is very different for everyone. For some it's all about money , for some it's all about love, for some it's about spirituality, for some it's about their passion:band: for very some it's about humanity . No one can express it in words, it is a feeling you can feel. :)
  9. Mr.X

    Mr.X MDL Guru

    Jul 14, 2013
    I fully agree with this...
  10. Absolutely the truth agreed .
  11. gorski

    gorski MDL Guru

    Oct 21, 2009
    He just expressed it in words...

    One more thing: "happiness" for some is playing God, deciding who lives and who dies (and how, in huge numbers even) etc. "Heart" can be a f*&%*ed up place in many, many ways...
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  12. iota

    iota MDL Junior Member

    Aug 13, 2014
    i know what is the meaning of life. it's fun, lot of fun. it causes lot of pleasure. it's all over the internet. i .... sort of do it almost all atime. maybe i'm doing it right now.
    because of forum rules, i cannot tell what it is.
  13. MS_User

    MS_User MDL Guru

    Nov 30, 2014
    well u sounds like u take a lot of drugs because life is rarely fun mainly when u grow up:rolleyes:
  14. Joe C

    Joe C MDL Guru

    Jan 12, 2012
    I'd say if your having that much enjoyment ....it might just be from the pr0n that is rampant on the interwebs :eek:
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  15. Mr.X

    Mr.X MDL Guru

    Jul 14, 2013
  16. profs1

    profs1 MDL Novice

    Jun 16, 2017
    there isn't any
  17. de crust

    de crust MDL Novice

    Sep 13, 2015
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    wud u sell out anything for a pen-knee?

    a group of 11 yr olds put out this qeustion, to the air...
    if the apocalypse was NOW...wud u,

    be on your knees praying [v hard]...
    go on living ur life as it is, ''doin' ur thang''...
  18. mynorgeek

    mynorgeek MDL Novice

    Jan 2, 2020
    To inspire and to be inspired.
  19. de crust

    de crust MDL Novice

    Sep 13, 2015
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    hey, nice one my-nor.
    dowt that tho'
    rather a 'measure of' subtle sublime. :)

    may i add- spires always have ''a point''...yeah?
    ouch... :(

    send that fuk-fuk of a tingser, back to the s**tty nasty wiz, resident in court
    for and of

    The POINT--le point!
    this s**te...a shortish [''real world' fuk of the ''lie''-f] vid seen on u-tube]
    it is Leeveing [quicker and quick...the ''all and a few sundry'' that are not knowing[at the least]
    any more than not known already. ie...uh duh.

    dude...has ''the point'' set in, walked off or not yet visited...therein 'you?
    duz the audience give a s**t...do you?
    re: You.

    ''ease off'' if has...more so ffs, it hasn't. way too many did not know.
    as said, iF ya has or ''feels'' de nasty ole mungy dowt...
    [a good word rigth '''smack''in duh middle of it...
    ''OW''...y is that now eh?
    eye ain no ''word-er'' or some s**tty fake sayin it ain't[''].
    wud wurd not said clearly 'nuff, HURT ya...walk away...and not explain to ya...why? why did u hurt anyone...?

    wurd. how about pain...how about extreme pain...when is too much fuking tooooo much?
    a puzz...?
    pain. pain = what now...?
    who sells u by way of PAIN...?
    soooo much so...ur ded.
    that's a good deal, yeah.
    not one of those s**tes there when u
    do what now...leave.
    hmm. so what the fuk do they really do...
    sell ya. that's all.
    selll you to death. as quick as posss....to ready,
    the stage...for the next idiot.
    btw...'sprobably, ur son...dawter.
    how d'ya know?
    so, point being..selling out u...by way of word. a simple thing.
    3 letters.
    core of religion...
    is like an apple.
    a nasty. that's all.
    same with all of em. a bad deal.
    buy then...ya don't notice. cos ur gone and sould out. way too young to even know of...wha happened. did ma and da know?
    are of reason. where are u?
    sitting tight...watching the shugar show...or wantin shure...rather than what cha do not know.
    sure it's all a great bit of fun til duh bill comes. but over here, they are more realistic...lol. it is termed as the ''Never Never'' bill. ya never has to pay it. right...? sure ya don't. what d;ya pay with it for then...ur life? how much does it cost an immortal? man is eternal, no?
    do the math. 'snot that diifficile...and it is a thing that u may not know until ya go...did u yet?
    p.s. pls...serious responses to the above post WUD BE GOOD.
    All...joking aside...
    oh absolutelment. ie...ABSOLUTELY being said IN ENG.
    i am...fuking serious. as said...what's the bill yeah? but, where's the fuking goods.
    where are they...? what are they? heavens, no?
    why do we not see that place...on video? yu tube...imagine all the bookings if it was ''''' ? ''''''
    where ever it is supposed to be...yeah, that makes sense. eye...it does.
    but, why not before now, if these vids do appear...? eh??????
    why not? cos these words were put out there...or am i s**ttin on about folk who know not...
    what....is the never...never? a bill?
    or a fuking truth. no bill, no heven. no pay, no play...
    yet...they say, to this day...sellllll...stock. it will crash. if no investment.
    are ppl really so ????? wha now?
    sell out their wha'...to a promise...from a bunch of serious bizness ''men'' is it?
    are they really that much a set of scammmers?
    how many come back ever to say...wow....fuk me man...what a fukin place. why waste ur time here...hmm, when hevenman..
    ''its' just a shot away, it's just a shot away...'' let it bleed, No? lol
    hye...anyone here ever die, that u may know of...did they...ever?
    wha happened? see, there are those who die...and do return. not as u may think but they do.
    how many times...if u like..is enuff?
    when is enuff, enuff? u say, no? then why put it out there...at all.
    who says...enuff is enuff [''] ? what says it...? if a book, who says it? why is the book so fulll of recipes...that never ever cook fully enuff to make any nice caka sense? ya knows caka...? ya know a bad ole cake goin nowhere? no taste, no colour...in fact...not even richard harris's renditioniings of a ''it took sooo long to make it...so very fuking long to maaake it [the worst part-maybe!] and i'll never have that recipe again...?
    now. who's is the recipe's? who created that marvel eh? amazing how syche profiles work eh?
    selling anything is a [very very] skilled, skill. no?
    if not...why do you all not have success in ur back pocket, same as the other well to do...what nows?
    do you matter?
    ask ur syche...
    ur sigh - t - key. yeah?
    and then get a really good....law man.
    as a christ ian...ur gonna need it.
    u real-ise...contracts. u know...things assigning u certainty.
    dear folk...it's a two way...dead end. u lose, they get ur cash. all of it.
    see, $ £ € these are just a few of the fav things...sittin in and on duh bureau...any of them...not just ole preeesties. any authoritarian, u know...legal. lol :( is it? really. a laff?
    why not skip the rest of this s**te...or ya wanna go all the way...to where?
    court is it? which one..which onessssss....etc.
    and at the end...nada. for all.
    ur say...yes it is. after all, it is...then was...ur life's.
    where are ya now...relatiely.
    to the origins. or begins of it all? and for wha'?
    who said wha'...for wha'
    a clean slate seems to be to those who care not. no?
    what then...word. who said? what did
    your mouths did. the always did...for all of you.
    not me. i am not. always was.
    do not tell me. who or what be you?
    are u one. or all.
    what of both...in you.
    safety first. then others...maybe.

    as you are 1. what of others...who are THE same as you?
    are you the same as the other 1~ the one of the one...? who actually is the beginnings of the
    'gotta love de mamma'. baba at it's v. best, w/o sayin a word!

    bettah dan ole earl cos it's home...[aka- last-'nom d plume', ya'ld never guess huh?
    ''flintstone''- Modernity[hidden in there, somewhere]
    improving or an adulterated, updated, anthro-po-morphic silliness-based on ridiculous-silly -moronic behaviour sindrome formed by way of error-error based on
    research based on no more than ''PASSED''...times. ''Dinosaurs'' a tv series, yeah?
    see, that idiot...silly an all as it was...[still the same is it, or has word upgraded and enhanced it's innoculative abilities to stupid thoughtless actions causing duh end of duh world[as we know it jim-jum jinn? u sure ole bones...ur a doctor i know...and a good one. sure the jinn too is just a hurt form of damaged energy, yeah? ya knows that kirk by now?]
    and the ans is... 42.
    okay, okay...wait another 10 m yrs...maybe then...oh ffs says poor ole DT...breathing sighing...oh no. not that dumm tv stick episode agin...ffs.
    hamazingly...silent ears, quiet yees...seeing into...and not a word. nun. ohhhooooh, said santa...just herd it. not the wurd...saw de herd. are u a herder or a worder...or even both? ask preesty beesty. shud be able to tell ya if even can SAY. more than likely, he'll have to have permissuion...from u know who./ wha / or the flavour of the day / nite / 'wha'. dunno man...no idea[l] i deal and say nowt...but, the words do.

    wud i be okay to providea new era in mentals...etc.
    not w/o managements...just no co-ordinated rules hard or fast defo not wanted or needed...how else can ya learn...if ya don't earn.
    is it necessary for a bell to be on a by cycle...? u say.
    then word is heard...not silent and herded for the ''only ones''. who be who, exactly?
    you...u wanna ''plays ruff wit mom''...google it. see ? sort of real-ity that guy lived in order to know as the guy knows...hs. it is known by way too many here. read...as if and as the reading is actually YOU.
    you then have his fukin g shoes on ur feet. a gift is that man. no doubt. none.
    finally word. true and real. when ya knows what fits to u...and contextually see and know it...ur on a good. be ''wise...eyes''...always. keep radar on and be aware of it being on...likelihood of being HOOD-WINKED...are much less likely. else...wa ya gonna due...when the dues comes looking and finding you?
    one listens. does one hear?does one see, words forming extraordinary ''?'' in or on screen?
    is it a real one or is it just what now, ya might think?
    choice. be warry of scarry unknowsn...under ur radar.
    if nay...do u not matter?
    ask. but, who or what do u know of who or what u ask? what is it?
    is it u...u and ur what now? ur self is ti?
    is there a differ? is it the same...how do you know that...what ever the ans u see--is it? where do u see ''it''...exactly where?
    am i an iconoclast or
    am i a fuk hed / head...?
    u say. more, way more impoirtant that ur say...is pure. to you.
    not word...not even ''''''YOU'''''''.
    ur word...matters...more than that...is
    may i say...be care. then care is...
    as are...in doings and DOMINOE falls......the Result via 'gone thru'...it...
    thing done, then is!
    is it yours...
    anudder one...feels okay.
    anudder one. anudder feelings set...

    ****** ***** **** **** *** *****. code.

    add em up. chk: parameter... > > >
    do it. crc. sha... = correct.
    4 who. 4 wha'. crc. sha PLUS...chk dsk.
    if >,lokkil;
    goto...chk [make certain. certain...but, esc. as hatch. 4 u. clean. clear. safe. others...chk. all covered. safe. within. ahhh, last line a code needed. safe 4 all.
    allways the out.
    coded. sense...indeed aye.

    edit: time for by bys...ty man.
  20. de crust

    de crust MDL Novice

    Sep 13, 2015
    #640 de crust, Jun 4, 2020
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    things are...thing is?
    'fast colour.'...hs. wa a film. sight unseen, then it is.
    strength is weakness...and so much d-udder way. w/o knowings. unseen color...hohhhh, man...wait til ya sees. nada doings of wahr 'agin thee.
    war hurts. 'sall. no bene to anee...ever. save death. and that is just what is saved.
    deth. ya wan that...an never no?
    say so...and both are. no 1 can say else...for thee, save thee.
    u matter. 'sall.
    or u wanna wahhr.kill those not good 'nuff.
    u say...it's urs. not one others.
    it can never bee...til it is thee...'s

    u say...or she duz, til you do...4 u...2 'ave.

    she gots duh 'Daz', clean it up real good...
    in hand now.

    no such pow-der den.
    ''gotts it now girl''.
    yeah...really beautiful, eh? sumutt to futt with. u bee happeee with messee nappeeee...alll dayeee. an not seee...too well.
    ur eyes can see nada...when ur blinded by rage...can ya?
    honest eee, pays...with benefits. not more of same...save de bene [aka ''good'' ] fits...cos it fits who gets duh ''benefits''
    logique. logic is square. exact. tis true. cos it is. logic states so.

    yeee haaa. 'long past 'bout tahm[time].
    ain no mamma's boy heah...murdered. when only a ?
    how cud sight allow such a ting?
    u did.

    gift to duh sherriff in dat movie.
    and man, wha a ''hold on'' hart he is and kept well. happiest feker ever aside from here...
    he duh ''mahn''...
    and yet no such ting. you too...duh not same but, almost nearly bettah cos ...just cos :)

    EDIT. a deep hard ole gift. from the outrage gift, neiztche, wilhelm.
    beyond good an evil. sampled. hesse, h. hermoine. oh dear....and pls say hi to de ma, shud ya see or hear her a bit...it is well felt. giving life...such as woman duz.
    feels like...did in real...mind.
    give life.life returns. give care...back ten times...gotta luff de ma...not duh woman. essens
    ahh, essence. now we're trucukin. see, sure is logic.
    logic is code. code is true...cos true code can only know and sit with other coede...ahh ha. coed...nice. they fit..as only can. logic is fitting to forward go. can only do...when tis doing. then tis done when code is run! programmers so fuking wonderful u do and can, the what that u do. ty much and further. ty :)

    whoa! woman. wa has ya dun...wa'?
    :) :) :)
    oh ma!