What is the meaning of life?

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    What is the meaning of life? It's easy, to die. You are born to prolong the species. You pass your life on to your descendants and then you die. There is no purpose or meaning, just a moment of life, before disappearing. You are dust and to dust you will return. The dead know nothing. Neither if you were alive, nor if you were dead, neither rich, nor poor, beautiful or ugly. Only void. People cannot come to terms with the fact that their life is empty and futile. Everything they create will disappear at the end of time and nothing will remain.
    But the GOD what about God?? What is God worth when that God does not need YOU. You have no signs that God cares about you. The fact that priests lie and deceive people does not change the fact that God does not need you. All those fairy tales and stories about this or that eternal life are an illusion. You are dust and to dust you will return. That is the only reality. Enjoy life while it lasts because tomorrow will be too late....:);):oops:
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    It is commendable, amajmon, that you are so forthright in expressing your views on this matter, but I suspect that in the entirety of the vastness of the Universe there are other life forms and very possibly a very high life form that has the ability to traverse the Universe and has actually had some impact upon life here on this planet, although that is cloaked in a kind of mysticism by certain entities here on Earth, because they themselves have not quite figured out what is going on.

    The bottom line of all that in the above paragraph is I would be so very surprised if humans are the only life form in this Universe. I am not even sure there is only one Universe.

    As for that thought that "nothing will remain" - - - there are already pieces of equipment out there in the Universe that humans have sent away from this planet, and those pieces may very well be found by other life forms and cause a non-higher form of life to try and contact humans. If that is the case, then something will remain. And I am not referring to pieces of equipment in orbits around planetary bodies within our Solar System. I am aware of at least one piece of equipment that has left our Solar System. I am possibly forgetting a second or third, as I am not consulting notes or references as I write this, so that is why I used that plural form.

    And I might add here that our fellow community member did not grasp a key point of my first post here; what if the Universe and all within it is life itself? Thus the two questions I asked in that first post.
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    And now that I have a clearer understanding of that first response to my first post in this thread, and as we have moved on from that oddity, I think I will offer one reason for some of my thoughts in my first post.

    I wonder how many of you are familiar with Erwin Schrödinger's writings?

    May I be allowed to explain by using something from MIT?


    And I'll start by quoting the first paragraph written by that team:

    And for the credits:

    MIT Technology Review


    Cracking the Brain’s Codes

    How does the brain speak to itself?

    By Christof Koch and Gary Marcus on June 17, 2014

    I believe that Erwin Schrödinger was questioning the definition of life itself before questioning the meaning of life.

    And I concur. We have to define life itself before we explore the meaning of life.

    But please note my use of "believe" in "I believe that" which I hope opens the door to rational questioning of my contention. I hope it will be noted that I use the vocabulary "rational" in the obvious hope that there will be no more outbursts of an irrational nature such as is evident in one of the posts that followed my first one here.

    Discussions such as we have here can strengthen an Online Community, but can be derailed by oddities that seem to stem from outside parameters of thought that do not relate to the topic. I can state that now because of evidence posted elsewhere in this community since my first post in this thread.

    Plus I have now connected this discussion into the primary purpose of this Online Community --- our digital lives. Already we are seeing how our digital lives are becoming intertwined with our physical lives in such areas as using AI to help circumvent broken nerve systems to help some humans that have limb control troubles that could fall under a medical definition of paralysis.